Severe skin diseases now have excellent treatment in Bangladesh

Publish: 5:06 PM, October 31, 2019 | Update: 5:06:PM, October 31, 2019

HRS Ovi:
The inhabitants of Bangladesh suffer from various skin diseases due to its humid atmosphere. Especially, the residents of this country are affected with fungal infections. Once a number of patients had to visit abroad for the treatment of different skin diseases. But now the number has been decreasing day by day as the Dermatologists of the country are well up to date with all recent advancements. Also, the country’s hospitals are providing standard treatment to the skin patients. Recently, The Bangladesh Today interviewed a prominent dermatologist, Rubaiya Ali. Her unique area of expertise includes all aspects of skin, hair and nails as well as certified training from renowned international Skincare institutes. She talked about different types of skin diseases and its possible remedies.

According to Dr. Ali, skin is one of the most important parts of human body and it denotes personality too. Skin diseases had a wide variety of causes. But the basic problem of the patients is that they never consult with the dermatologists at an early stage of the skin issues.

“For instance, at the primary stage, patients use different types of creams and medicines from pharmacies. As a result their problems become more complicated. When finally they meet a doctor, it’s too late and become costly. We provide treatment to the complicated patients but sometimes the medicine doesn’t work on their skin. Then the treatment process requires more time” she added.

Dr. Ali suggested the patients to visit dermatologists immediately when they face any problem on the skin. ” If they delay, they may have to suffer a lot in terms of health and cost. But I can say, the cost in Bangladesh is friendlier for the patients than that of abroad”, she remarked.

According to Dr. Ali, many patients visit foreign countries for skin treatment but they can’t attend regular follow up and going abroad is also very expensive I think. But now the dermatologists of Bangladesh are specialized on different kinds of severe skin diseases and the hospitals of the country are also giving standard treatment with lower cost. It’s a matter of satisfaction that almost 80% of skin patients are now taking treatment from the country hospitals, and they are satisfied with the treatment they receive.

“When patient come to us, we give them medicine for a certain period of time and ask them to come for a follow up. But when the patients feel good after few days -a large number of patients don’t visit doctors, although it’s very important to follow up”, she stated.

She suggested everyone to keep their skin clean and moisturized. Only spending few minutes, anyone can keep skin healthy. They should use sun protection cream while going out and clean our face with water frequently if it gets oily. Skin will definitely get back its smoothness. They also need to shampoo daily or on alternate day’s .Before bed, it’s a must to clean skin and then apply moisturizing cream to keep it smooth.