YSSE hosts Do Day ‘19

Publish: 6:16 PM, October 26, 2019 | Update: 6:16:PM, October 26, 2019

TBT Report

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the DO School is a global organization that enables a purposeful economy that is sustainable and innovative, powered by a community of DOers, innovators, and experts from 100+ countries. Through a unique methodology, they support businesses to transform with purpose: To turn co-created ideas into action, equip people to lead and build movements, and create real change. The Do Day 2019 has been celebrated on 18th October in Dhaka, Bangladesh in collaboration with ‘Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs’; where ‘Women In Digital, Evolution360, Education Entrepreneurs Society, House of Innovation, PAHRDOB partnered in organizing a youth gathering on this competitive participative program. An enthusiastic bunch of people searched for solutions over the topic “How can a Bangladeshi Average Housewife make Money Online”. There were teams who came up with interesting solutions which will help elevating women in their self development. Team “Women in Digital” was coordinated by Achia Nila, Founder, Women in Digita.l

Duity Aroni Chakraborty , Facilitator at Evolution360 (A social organization working to ensure SDG 5) coordinated another team. Participants came up with effective solutions on the very topic “How to Raise Brave Girls” from the general perspective. All the participants are very delighted to participate in such an exciting and interesting event.


Esrat Karim Eve, Founder & Director, AMAL Foundation coordinated another team on Do Day 19. “Education Entrepreneurs Society-EES” has participated in Do Day 19 in collaboration with “Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs”. As EES aims towards an entrepreneurial and innovative contribution in the education sector, this competition helped them to enrich their capabilities of working with a social issue “Finding the Effective Ways to Empower the Rural Women”.

House of Innovation has celebrated Do Day 19 in collaboration with ‘The Do School’ and ‘Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs’ at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Saroaer Ahmed Kiron, CEO of HOI has coordinated this team.  Some enthusiastic young people participated in this event and came up with fruitful solutions where the topic was “Reporting of Domestic Violence or Workplace Harassment to Proper Authority”.  The solutions were very effective and helpful for the needy women. The participants were delighted to participate and contribute in such function.

A team of ‘Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs’ has also participated in this program. Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs- YSSE is a social organization which inspires and motivates youth to contribute in social benefit and development.  Some fresh minds of YSSE discussed about the topic – “Designing an Online Entrepreneurship Course for Bangladeshi School/College Girls” and came up with some realist and feasible solutions in order to contributing to the society. Md. Sahed Hossain Executive, HR Department, Orion Group; has coordinated this team.

“Finding the Best Retirement Savings Plan for Bangladeshi Women” – was the topic of discussion for PAHRDOB.  The participants generated some unique ideas on the topic and they are very delighted. Jahid Hasan Limon, Logistics Planner, Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs -YSSE; has coordinated this team.