Imrul Kayes makes peace with him

October 13, 2019 | 21:06:PM | Update21:06:PM

DHAKA, -After hitting his double century in the opening round of National Cricket League NCL), Imrul Kayes said he made peace with him and didn’t think too much about getting back his place in the national team.

Imrul, who plays for Khulna Division, scored an unbeaten 202 runs against Rangpur Division to make a statement that it is not all over for the left-
hander, who has been coming and going into the national side like the six seasons of the year.

The innings can be more noteworthy considering he had some tough times as he was busy with his ailing son and was moving to different hospitals in the last couple of months. “It was hard. I was busy with family duties. It was really tough,” Imrul said on Sunday.

“Scoring runs makes me happy but I am not willing to think about national team now. I want to make runs as many as I can to.” “I used to think about the national team before. I thought if I don’t get runs, I would be dropped. Now I don’t get worried of being dropped if I don’t make runs. I try to complete my responsibilities,” he said.

“Now I am more matured. Now I understand the things more than before. I mean more mature with heart (decision making)” “I used to feel impatient before. But this innings was well assembled. Now I think like- I can get out from a good delivery but I won’t give up my wicket easily,” he added.

Regarding his goal Imrul said that he still has the desire to play in the national team but certainly not at the expense of losing his sleep. “As long as I play, I will have that desire to play for the national team. I always had my bag ready. When I will realize that, I don’t want to play for the national team anymore, that day I will also stop playing the domestic league. There are many, who are not playing for the national team but continuing in domestic level. I am not one of them,” he said.

He added that it was hugely satisfying to score double century along with guiding the lower order batsmen.

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