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Publish: 4:09 PM, July 8, 2018 | Update: 4:09:PM, July 8, 2018

Text book on The Penal Code, 1860
A Comprehensive Section Analysis and Case-laws thereof
Written By- ARM Borhanuddin, Edited & Reviewed by: Khairul Islam (Taj)
Publisher: University Publications, Dhaka, Bangladesh
First Published: January, 2009
Latest Edition: 3rd (September, 2017)
ISBN: 984- 300- 002782-7
Price: 1,300 Taka
Number of Page: 820
Number of Chapter: 23

This book on Penal Code is widely circulated among the learners and Security Forces of Bangladesh. The book has been revised with latest information where relevant.
Nearby 100 latest case decisions of Bangladesh Supreme Court reported in DLR including the latest 68th DLR has been added in this book. All the sections in the book are written in both English and Bengali language. In previous edition, there were some spelling mistakes. The unwanted mistakes have been fixed to the possible extent in the very 3rd edition. This book incorporates approximately new 1000 footnotes, in total about 3,000. Suitable analysis and commentary to the most important sections are also inserted which will facilitate the readers enormously.
The book is a latest origin including the full Penal Code and relevant commentary and section analysis of the said bare Act. This book is an attempt to address penal law from the viewpoint of Bangladesh. The author’s focus is to introduce Bangladeshi students to the current penal regimes and to familiarize them with these system that is highly necessary in courtyard.
The book will keep the reader in touch with essential easy interpretation of terminologies like- rape, abduction, murder, culpable homicide, forgery, dacoity, affray, riot, sexual harassment as well as crucial day to day life oriented terminologies in the field of Bangladesh. Most important feature of the book is comprehensible language and bold text pattern which will suit any law pupil. Discussions coming in the book can create effective legal mechanisms for penal justice.
Whatever is ones professional interest, one will benefit from the analyses and recommendations of written nicely in this text book. The book is suitable for advocates, lawyers, academicians, researchers and law students of all levels from any university or law college.