Aggressive cricket key to Shakib’s success

September 4, 2019 | 21:21:PM | Update21:21:PM

CHATTOGRAM,- Coming off straight from a blockbuster World Cup performance, Shakib Al Hasan will be key in Bangladesh’s Test ambition also as Bangladesh aims to prove their credential in longer version format.

While his World Cup performance in which he scored 606 runs and claimed 11 wickets, that itself a unique record and made it sure that he would remain as No.1 all-rounder in ODI cricket, Shakib of late went down to third position in Test cricket.

But the ace all-rounder was not worried by his demotion in Test rankings, saying that he would get back his previous rankings if he can put up
significant contribution with bat and bowl in Test cricket also and for which he opted for an aggressive route in both departments.

“I always think how much contribution I put for the side and if I can contribute more, rankings will be improved automatically. That’s why I don’t
think much about rankings. I always try to do the things right when it matters most,” Shakib said here on Wednesday.

Shakib evolved as a run machine after promoting him to the No. 3 position in the batting order in ODI cricket but in Test he would have to bat lower
down the order, considering that he bowls more overs than any other bowlers in the team.

So, the question raised whether he could show the same consistency what he demonstrated in the ODI cricket in recent time.

“In the sub-continent I bowl many overs, which is not the case when I tour outside of the sub-continent. So, after bowling so many overs, it is tough to
bat up in the order. But outside of the country, I sometimes batted up in the order. If there is any opportunity I will bat higher in the batting order in
Test cricket also,” he said.

But the case is that whether his batting style would fetch him the same success that he enjoyed in limited over cricket. Here Shakib also backed his
aggressive brand of cricket, saying that he could set himself in the crease only playing his shots.

“Sometimes batsmen gain the confidence by playing his trademark shot. If he can play the shot well, his confidence enhances,” he said.

“Secondly a batsman is not set in the crease until he scores runs. If you score 10 runs off 100 balls, you are not set but if you made 40/50 runs off
10 balls, you are set. These days, Test cricket is not all about to occupy the crease. In the past in Test cricket it is important to stay in the wicket
but in modern era, you have to score runs by staying in the wicket. I don’t know initially my confidence level remains lower but when I play some certain shots, I feel recharged.”

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