FIFA referee, assistant referee exams in September

Publish: 8:41 PM, August 6, 2019 | Update: 8:41:PM, August 6, 2019

DHAKA,  – As per the decision of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) referee’s committee, the exam for enrolling FIFA referees and FIFA assistant referees will be held from September 1 to 10 this year, according to BFF website.

The referees who are interested to take part in the exams have to apply by attaching their national referee passing certificate (at least two years passed) and two years experience certificate of directing matches (at least 12 matches in Bangladesh Premier League) and submit the application to the BFF head of media within August 16.

The referees who will be selected following primary applications have to present the following medical test reports in Dhaka for further scrutiny.

The reports are ECG, TC, DC, ESR, Hb%, RBS, Urine RME, S. Creatinine and CXR PA View.

Referees who pass the medical tests will be selected for final physical fitness tests.