Security system must not affect VVIPs’ public attachments: President

Publish: 2:21 PM, July 4, 2018 | Update: 2:21 PM, July 4, 2018

DHAKA  – President M Abdul Hamid today said the VVIPs security system must not disrupt their public attachments as he addressed a function of President Guard Regiment (PGR) to mark its 43rd founding

“Public representatives have close relation with common people….ensure VVIPs security without keeping them detached from general people,” he said at PGR headquarters in Dhaka Cantonment here.

President Hamid instructed the PGR members to carry out their bestowed duties and responsibilities with full confidence and due respect to the Chain-of-Command of the force. “Simultaneously, you (PGR) should play a
strong role in upholding the attained image of the regiment.”

He said there is no alternative to patriotism, conscientious, discipline and devotion to ensure the VVIPs’ security in sacred and important manner.

The President further lauded the professional activities of PGR as this disciplined force performs their duty facing different tough situation and adverse atmosphere.

“There is no alternative to imparting training for attaining efficiency in military life. Training keeps disciplined, and helps acquire professional knowledge, expertise, compassion and loyalty. So, you have to take training regularly,” he said.

Noting that terror and militant activities have increased worldwide due to various global problems, President Hamid said: “Terrorism is not a problem of a certain country, but it is a global problem. And the nature of terrorism
is being changed with the rapid expansion of science and technology.”

He said each PGR member must be skilled as well as efficient by imparting time-befitting and quality training on information technology to ensure security.

“The pattern of security will be universal, coordinated and foolproof,” Abdul Hamid said.

Saying that the responsibility bestowed upon the PGR by the nation is a matter of pride, he hoped that the PGR members would uphold the dignity and standard of the regiment and take lesson from the history and previous
Later, Abdul Hamid exchanged pleasantries with PGR officials and junior commissioned officers while a smartly turned out contingent of the guards gave him salute.

The President also signed the visitor’s book, cut a cake and joined a photo session with PGR officials. Earlier, Chief of Army Staff General Aziz Ahmed and PGR Commandant Brigadier General Md Jahangir Harun received the President on his arrival at PGR headquarters.

Secretaries concerned to the President and high military and civil officials were present on the occasion.