UK based perfume brand Lyla Blanc is now in Bangladesh

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Publish: 1:33 AM, July 26, 2019 | Update: 1:33:AM, July 26, 2019

Laila Blanc, as a perfume brand, has already gained fame in the international market. This, LB, a bouquet of finest contemporary fragrances with mesmerizing scents establish in 2014. LB is creating a perfume for the fashion conscious of more than forty countries.

Their popular aroma series with “Pure Like You” Tag Line are Hott, Naughty Girl, LB EDP, Royal Touch, and Afzal-Halal Certified Perfume, etc.

Now, Bangladeshi scent lovers will also get the products of Layla Blanc, an international brand affiliated with a large industrial establishment of India named Fazlani Group.

In the beginning, the popular LB deodorant series products for men and women will be available in our domestic market.

Lyla Blanc London, Vice President Aslam Nouri, and S.hoque int’l proprietor, Sayeedul Hoque Jewel have recently signed a bilateral agreement to popularize the products of this aromatic series in Bangladesh. Other high-ranking officials were present at the corporate office of S. Hoque Group in Dhanmondi. As per the agreement, S. Hoque international will be working on sales, marketing and popularizing Lyla Blanc products in the country also perform as a nationwide sole distributor.

Domestic buyers will receive the UK based fragrances mentioned brands from the last week of August. It should be noted that all the series premium from Lyla Blanc’s Pocket Perfume will be priced at Tk 100 tk to Tk 16 k taka in Bangladesh market. Detailed information can also be found on LB’s global web. Address: