Taylor Swift’s T-shirt typo is’nt a total disaster

Publish: 9:22 PM, June 9, 2019 | Update: 9:22:PM, June 9, 2019

Did you spot the misplaced apostrophe? If you didn’t, don’t worry, you’re in good company: Taylor Swift has been named and shamed on social media for mis-punctuating one of her T-shirts.

Quoting the lyrics to her new song, ME!, the shirt declares: “Your’e the only one of you.”

Swift’s mistake is all the more delicious because, elsewhere on the single, she sings: “Hey kids, spelling is fun!” (Fun fact: Swift once won her elementary school’s spelling bee contest).

But she’s not the first pop star to slip up on the icy path of good grammar.

Last year, Cheryl made a similar punctuation error on a hoodie featuring lyrics from her single Love Made Me Do It (“it was’nt my fault”), while One Direction sold T-shirts for their 2012 Australian tour listing a concert on “21th June”.

Justin Bieber also recalled a garment for his 2016 Purpose tour after fans pointed out he’d invented the new word “purose”.

Mistakes are “not common but not unprecedented,” says Henry Oliver, editor of New Zealand’s Metro magazine and co-author of The Art Of The Band T-Shirt.

“Getting the names of cities wrong is the most common mistake – but once you’ve left for tour, and you’ve got boxes of T-shirts, the error seems to stick.”

There’s a reluctance to scrap mis-printed merchandise because of the cost involved. A run of 1,000 T-shirts costs about £2,500; and major artists will print many more for a world tour.