11th span of Padma Bridge installed

Publish: 7:15 PM, April 23, 2019 | Update: 7:15:PM, April 23, 2019

MUNSHIGANJ,  – The 11th span of the 6.15-kilometre long Padma Multipurpose Bridge has been installed at Jajira point in Shariatpur district today.

A 150-meter long ‘6-C’ span has been installed on the 33rd and 34th pillar at 9:20am, making 1,650-meter of the main structure of this mega bridge visible.

Deputy Assistant Engineer of Padma Bridge Project Humayun Kabir told BSS that with the installation of 11th span today, a total of 1,650 meters of the bridge became visible.

The 12th span is likely to be installed this month. Earlier, the 10th span was installed on April 10. A total of 41 spans will be installed on 42 concrete pillars of the bridge, he said.

According to the project details, the construction of the 6.15-kilometre long Padma Bridge is going on in full swing with target to complete it as soon as possible.

On October 14, 2018, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina unveiled the name plaque of the Padma Bridge Toll Plaza at the Mawa end.

The national economy is expected to witness 1.2 percent GDP growth rate, while 0.84 percent poverty will decrease every year after being completed the construction work of the bridge with an estimated cost of Taka 30,193.39

The first span of the Padma Bridge was installed on September 30, 2017. The second span was installed four months later on January 28, 2018 while the third one was placed on March 11, after one and a half months.