The Commonwealth Day celebrated by YCoalition

Publish: 10:30 PM, March 13, 2019 | Update: 11:59:PM, March 13, 2019

TBT Desk

YCoalition celebrated The Commonwealth Day with this year’s theme “A Connected Commonwealth” on March 11, 2019. Team member of YCoalition took a 2-hour long workshop on Commonwealth for Kids in Shatkhira, Khulna Division, and along the shores of Cox Bazar: the southern region of Bangladesh, famous for the world’s longest unbroken sea beach where students from grassroots communities got to know about the Commonwealth and how it works across regions from Europe to the Australasia.

Very recently, in Shatkhira: a coastal district under Khulna Division of Bangladesh, YCoalition conducted a workshop with participants from different school going young-stars where they used “Commonwealth for Kids” website as an information point and delivered a friendly environment towards the enthusiastic minds. Students from diversified background and of different faiths learned that they are also a part of an interconnected community known as the Commonwealth where 52 more countries collaborated for a sustainable future for the world. YCoalition trainers accommodated them with videos of Commonwealth Games to let them understand how commonwealth works and how more than half of the Commonwealth family is youth and how they can contribute in our shared future if their potential is unleashed.

On the other hand, in Cox Bazar another workshop was taken on the same module followed in Shatkhira. Almost 270 students consist of 158 Girls and 112 Boys got the idea of global citizenship and how this works, simultaneously engaged in peace dialogue between students of different faiths and molded into a session that inspires social cohesion in the community they live in.  The workshop was designed to provide a brief information on Commonwealth and its core working areas, thus, creating a holding environment where the participants’ spontaneously pushed themselves to engage themselves into a more deeper level interaction.

At the end of the workshop, YCoalition team took a group task to make the students understand that they can co-create and co-exist in their area of residence by dialogue exchange and integration among others. Workshop ended when participants along with the YCoalition team gathered in several lines so that a camera could frame the happy moments.

A team consisting of six members will monitor the schools to scale down the future improvements under the supervision of the Founder & Chairperson, Md. Tamzid Hayder Tawrat Sikder.  YCoalition team was overwhelmed with the positive and enthusiastic response of the young students and their eagerness to instill the values of the Commonwealth. One of the students expressed her gratitude by quoting “It’s an utter pleasure to know that we belong to a family known as the Commonwealth which promotes young minds in sustainable peace building in their respective communities and we expect that YCoalition will continue to run the workshops in other areas of Bangladesh”- Sinthia, Student of Malumghat Ideal School, Cox Bazar.

YCoalition team distributed candies to strengthen the bonding with a friendly ending.