“We’re hoping for fair election”

Publish: 3:53 PM, December 1, 2018 | Update: 3:53:PM, December 1, 2018

Md. Soyaib

After many speculations and imaginations is over, all parties are going to take part  upcoming eleventh general election. As a result,the electoral ambience is flowing  across the country. it gets formal shape through announcing vote casting day by the election commission on November 8. The polls date was scheduled on December 23. again the election commission rescheduled it and fixed  on December 30.  Over this national election  , viewed different universities and colleges students  to the bangladesh today.

After a while ,entering Jagannath University ,On the left side of hand,  some students sitting at shanto chottor ( a meeting place)  are gossiping among them on different issues. Asked about election , to give answers , see the impression of huge interest in their eyes and face. someone says , whoever says whatever, the election must be held on December 30. it will not be deferred more.  Someone says, participations of all parties is crucial, to make fair election. someone again says, the role of election commission is much more important than other things.

Zakir Hossain, among one of them, a student of honor’s 4th year department of Mass Communication and Journalism, says, to practice democracy election must need. but only election is not democracy. it is the way of entry  to democracy.

Asha deb, a student of Engish department of Jagannath University, expresses, we know the national election is a festival like Eid, Puja. but sometimes it turns into dismay for minorities group. so every party should avoid them who make dismay for minorities whenever parties give nomination.

Some students of Dhaka College are discussing sitting on green grass of it’s central field. They are Rakib, Attik, Mominul, Shubro and so on from different departments of this college. Asked about next parliament election. They all say, want free, fair and acceptable polls . and every voter can participate in election freely and without any kind of hesitations.

Shahida aktar, a student of Eden College , says, we have to think of electoral violence . whenever we are going to any election, we face violence. so we should stop this negative image.

After entering at TSC of Dhaka University, found many students are sitting group by group. Being introduced with them as a journalist, ask on national election.

Abdullah Al Mamun , among one of them , also a student of Marketing department of DU, says, we want our country will be progressive. So our political parties should respect opposite party and also should avoid violence activities which may be hampered all progressive things including  education and economic . than we will reach our aim.

Helena Jahan , a student of Law department of DU, views, election should be fair and impartial. specially, we must think of minority people as they are not suffered.

Over all, students expect, this national election will bring new positive things that help to make the country proper way and country will go far away. than we will be able to say that our people has got all fundamentals and human rights.

The writer is a student of Mass Communication and Journalism Department of Jagannath University.