Journalists promises to stay beside Habiganj-3 MP Abu Zahir

Publish: 3:27 PM, December 1, 2018 | Update: 3:27:PM, December 1, 2018

MD Mamun Chowdhury, Habiganj Correspondent:
Awami League nominated candidate of Habiganj-3 constituency, district Awami League president Advocate Mohammad Abu Zahir MP said that Habiganj was once neglected. Journalists have published regular reports on the subject. In the last 10 years of being MP, this change has been made and now Habiganj has been illuminated. I repeatedly requested to the journalists on various programmes to present reports about the possibilities of Habiganj. Habiganj has now been illuminated because you came forward. Because I am an MP of the Sadar district the people of the whole district think me as their own and the also enjoyed the benefits of the development in Habiganj. The whole district is now enjoying the benefits of Sheikh Hasina Medical College, 250-bedroom hospital, Honors-Masters courses at Government Brindaban College, modern stadium and judicial buildings. He said these while talking to journalists on Thursday afternoon.
MP Abu Zahir further said that I am always with the journalists. Journalists also gave me the life membership of Habiganj Press Club. I wish journalists’ cooperation in this election. During that time the journalists thanked MP Abu Jahir for his role in the development of the Habiganj press club and resolving disputes among themselves. Also hundreds of journalists pledged to cooperate with him in the next election. Journalists from Habiganj district town and from Lakhai and Shayestaganj were present at the view exchange meeting.