Rangpur community clinics conduct 592 safe deliveries

Publish: 1:04 PM, November 8, 2018 | Update: 1:04:PM, November 8, 2018

RANGPUR  – The Community Skilled Birth Attendants (CSBAs) conducted 592 deliveries of rural mothers safely at the community clinics in the district making those places of confidence for common people.

“The community clinics have earned public trust by conducting safe deliveries of increasing number of rural mothers along with providing health services and cost-free medicines to rural people,” Civil Surgeon Dr Abu Md Zakirul Islam said.

A total of 309 community clinics are providing health services to rural people, and of them, safe deliveries are being conducted currently at 46 community clinics in eight upazilas of the district.

“The CSBAs are well-trained Community Health Care Providers (CHCPs), Health Assistants and Family Welfare Assistants. They conducted safe deliveries of 102 rural mothers in 2015, 234 mothers in 2016 and 256 rural mothers in 2017,” Dr Islam said.

A trained CHCP, one Health Assistant and one Family Welfare Assistant, all of them are well-trained CSBAs, are working at every community clinic.

Necessary facilities for conducting safe deliveries are being made available at more community clinics so that increasing number of mothers could avail the same facilities at the grassroot level.

The community clinics provided treatments and medicines to 17.70-lakh rural people in 2015, 21.17-lakh people in 2016 and 21.99-lakh people including under-five babies, children, adolescents, men and women in 2017 in the district.

“In 2017, over 1.61-lakh children, about 6.77-lakh male and over 13.61- lakh female people received health services with cost free medicines at community clinics in the district,” Dr Islam said.

Talking to BSS at Uttar Mominpur Community Clinic in Mominpur union of Sadar upazila CHCP Nadira Banu said she conducted 13 safe deliveries there in past three months.

Talking to BSS, Arjina Begum, 24, of Uttar Mominur Sobhanpara village said she gave birth to a daughter safely at Uttar Mominpur Community Clinic recently after undergoing checkups there regularly.

Similarly, Rabeya, 22, of Dangapara village gave birth to a son, Swapna, 21, gave birth to a son and Yasmin, 20, of village Uttar Mominpur Chankuthi village gave birth to her son at Uttar Mominpur Community Clinic.

“Fifty-two pregnant women are now under checkups here,” said CHCP Banu adding that she also provided health services to 4,730 people in 2016 and 5,500 in 2017 in the clinic.

Nazma Khatun, CHCP at Gokulpur Community Clinic in Sadar upazila, said she conducted safe deliveries of 61 rural mothers in last two and a half years and 43 more pregnant women are now undergoing regular checkups.

Rural mothers Rani, 21, of village Aloyakuri, Shilpi, 21, and Swapna, 22, of village Chawrapara said that they recently gave birth safely to their respective babies at Gokulpur Community Clinic.

“In addition to conducting safe deliveries, I provided health services to 9,767 people at my clinic in 2016 and 10,500 people in 2017 and 11,455 people of all ages so far this year,” CHCP Nazma added.

CHCP Milan Chandra Roy at Gutirdanga Community Clinic in Badarganj upazila said deliveries of 153 rural mothers were conducted safely there in 2016 and 182 in 2017 and the number of deliveries may cross 200 this year.

The number of safe deliveries of rural others might be even higher at the community clinics if some private sector clinics stopped inspiring rural mothers in delivering their babies through cesarean operations at their business establishments.