Adv Fazle Rabbi Miah ramps up election campaign in Gaibandha-5

October 7, 2018 | 16:09:PM | Update16:09:PM

Rafiqul Islam, Gaibandha Correspondent:
Advocate Fazle Rabbi Miah MP served as a member of parliament several times from Gaibandha-5 (Saghata-Phulchhari) constituency. He is currently serving as the deputy speaker of the national parliament. As a potential candidate for the forthcoming elections, he has ramped up the election campaign and doing extensive work in the whole area. In his campaign, the Awami League’s boat symbol has created public sphere in Saghata-Phulchhari area.
It is to be noted that most of the coastal areas of Saghata-Phulchhari area are affected by flood, drought and river erosion. In last one week, he went to the houses of people from these remote areas and campaigned for party symbol boat. In addition to this, during his tenure under the current government, he developed road communication, supplied electricity to the houses, took necessary projects for the prevention of river erosion, and providing assistance to the families and also visited the progress of various development projects. Apart from this, he officially inaugurated the projects which have already been completed.
Deputy Speaker Fazle Rabbi Miah MP visited the flood-affected areas of Haldia union under Saghata upazila. He met the voters in the Ketkirhat area of Phulchhari upazila, Bhangamor area of Saghata, Ghazaria area of Phulchhari, Khatiamari area of Fazlupur, Harichandi, Ernedabari, Khaturia, Kali Bazar and Napiterhat areas and seeked voted for boat symbol.
Deputy Speaker Fazle Rabbi Miah MP said that to continue the flow of development of the successful Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government and to implement the dream of Bangabandhu’s dream everone needs to vote for Awami League. Otherwise the success of the development achieved and public welfare will be severely hampered.
It has learned that if any other candidate gets nomination apart from Advocate Fazle Rabbi Miah from this constituency then Awami League has a high percentage of losing the seat. There is no alternative to Advocate Fazle Rabbi Miah in this constituency.

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