Panchapukur Girls High School headmaster accused of corruption

Publish: 3:50 PM, September 30, 2018 | Update: 3:50:PM, September 30, 2018

Pappy Rahman, Nilphamari Correspondent:
Panchapukur Girls High School headmaster Babul Hossain has been accused of corruption. It has been also alleged that his corruption activities are increasing in uninterrupted speed. Not only the Committee is his pocket but also looting allotment of the school, even in the name of giving job in police he is snatching lakhs of taka has also been alleged against Babul. Meanwhile, Mohammad Shahinur Ali, the president of UP Awami League, and founding member of the organization Nurul Amin Sarkar filed a written complaint against Babul. On the other hand, the mathematics teacher of the same organization Babul Chandra Singh filed a complaint against the headmaster against Sadar Police Station for abusing him.
It is learned that, in order to form the Managing Committee of Panchapukur Girls High School, the headmaster Babul Hossain and his associate presiding officer conspired to form a committee through secret elections without following any rules and regulations. He made widespread lobbying for approval of the committee by the Education Board.
The Dinajpur Education Board has halted the process after knowing about the secret election. Nur Alam and Mahfuzar Rahman accused the headmaster Babul Hossain of enjoying government projects for a long time by the name of the school. He is looting school allotments through his pocket committee.
Apart from this, there are many allegations against his him including looting stipend money of the students. On the other hand, Ekramul Haque and Wazed Ali complained that the head teacher Babul Hossain took away Tk 12 lakh in the name of giving job to the police two years ago and handed over deposit money cheque of the educational institution.
On the other hand it was seen that the students of the Panchapukur Girls High School have formed a human chain at the school premises and demanded justice for mathematics teacher Babul Chandra Singh on 26/9/18. In the human chain, it is said headmaster Mohammad Babul Hussain abused Babul Chandra Singh for speaking the truth about false election and gave him death threats and also threatened him drive him away to India. Fearing for his life he made a general diary in Sadar thana.
In this regard, Mamun Bhuiyan, Upazila Executive Officer said, “I have received the complaint, proper steps will be taken regarding the matter as soon as possible”. Sadar Thana Officer-in-Charge said, “The mathematical teacher of the institution named Babul Singh has complained, we will investigate the matter”