Vogue Lifestyle introduces Ayurvedic care

Publish: 1:52 PM, September 24, 2018 | Update: 1:52:PM, September 24, 2018

DHAKA: Beauty & fitness care center Vogue Lifestyle Lounge has added new features to its wide array of services.

The newly introduced organic healing care—Vogue Ayurveda, now can be availed at the reputed beauty salon & spa center in Jamuna Future Park.

Advocate Salma Islam MP and actor Apu Biswas attended the inaugural ceremony of the service at the Vogue Lifestyle Lounge recently.

The new service packages added to the beauty care center are mentioned below:

Shirodhara (Medicated Oil Deep Forhead), Aubhiangam (Full Body Massage), Rejuvenation Massage, Elakizhi (Herbal Leaves Potli massage), Pizhichil (Oil bath), Udwarthanam (Obesity Treatment Body), Kati Vasti (Back Pain Treatment) and Urvashi Hridoyabasti