No dispute in party, says CCC Mayor

Publish: 4:00 PM, September 19, 2018 | Update: 4:00:PM, September 19, 2018

S M Akash, Chattogram Correspondent
Chattogram City mayor AJM Nasir Uddin has urged the metropolitan Awami League to be united ahead of the upcoming national election. Chattrogram Bureau of The Bangladesh Today took an exclusive interview of mayor AJM Nasir Uddin to know about the current situation of the party the face of dissolution of Awami League and dissolution of the candidates in the same constituency.
TBT: Why are you suddenly uniting with the CDA chairman and all other party leaders after the long years of conflict?
Mayor: Actually, there was a conflict between us, but it is not for party reasons. Now there is no conflict between us. We are uniting as our inner snake cannot cut us in the upcoming election.
TBT: Will there be recommendation to the central office for any single candidate for city seats?
Mayor: No, we will not recommend for any candidate from the metropolis, but if any central committee sends a list, depending on the popularity, then we will clear our position.
TBT: If a party leader does not get a nomination and chooses to run the election as a rebel leader, then what steps will city Awami League take?
Mayor: If anyone goes against the party or disagree with the decision of the party, then the appropriate action will be taken against them – and it will be done before the elections – but I believe that nobody will dare to do that.
TBT: How neutral will the election be?
Mayor: I believe that the election will be neutral because the people have great faith on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
TBT: What is your opinion in the agreement of Indian commodity transport at Chattogram port?
Mayor: The era has changed now. People are now much more educated and aware. So the countrymen know how much good the country will bring in the deal for Indian products. Besides, we have so many ports, if they get income, then what is the harm? Only those who cannot support the development of Sheikh Hasina are the only ones who are thinking negative.
Lastly Mayor AJM Nasir Uddin told The Bangladesh Today that, we want to have a competitive election, so that people can understand how much transparent and secure is Sheikh Hasina’s government.