Dacoit held with arms in Baliakandi

Publish: 3:28 PM, September 10, 2018 | Update: 3:28:PM, September 10, 2018

Mehedi Hasan Masud, Baliakandi Correspondent:
Members of Baliakandi police arrested a dacoit with arms and ammunition from Rajdharpur of Islampur union under Baliakandi upazila of the Rajbari district on Sunday night.
The arrestee was identified as Firoz Sheikh (51) son of late Aziz Sheikh from Rajdharpur village of Islampur union. He has two cases of robbery and drugs. On Monday morning, SI Ankur Kumar Bhatracharya of Baliakandi Police Station filed a case under arms and explosives law. SI Ankur Kumar Bhattacharya said that the process of sending the arrested Firoz Sheikh to Rajbari court is underway.
Police Inspector (Investigation) M Abul Kalam Bhuiyan of Baliakandi police station said that they conducted a drive on the basis of secret information that some terrorists are holding a secret meeting on the Rajdharpur Bridge of Islampur Union. SI Ankur Kumar Bhatracharya, SI Shawkat Hossain, PSI Kumar Biswas, ASI Azizur Rahman, ASI Sohel Rana, along with the co-operative force, conducted the drive.
Sensing the presence of the police all the terrorists except Firoz Sheikh was able to flee the scene. According to his confession a one-shooter gun and 1 round of bullets were recovered in polythene wrapped plastic bags under soil in the bamboo garden adjacent to the old graveyard of Rajsharpur-Barichara village.
On Monday, SI Ankur Kumar Bhatracharya of Baliakandi Police Station filed a lawsuit under arms and explosives law. A robbery case has also been filed against the Firoz Sheikh with Balakandi Police Station and a drug case is filed with the Rajbari Sadar Police Station.