Singair police station’s building at risk of collapse

Publish: 3:57 PM, September 6, 2018 | Update: 3:57:PM, September 6, 2018

Mubarak Hossain, Singair Correspondent:
Manikganj Singair police station’s administrative and residential buildings have become inapplicable to work and stay. The police members are suffering from heavily for this. Due to not relocating of the buildings, the problem is not solved.
Thana sources said that the Singair Police station was established on 29 acres of land. Four storied residential buildings were constructed in 1974 at 4,800 square feet two-storey administrative buildings to accommodate police members. Thereafter, the residence of inspector of police station and another tin-shed house for the police members were made. The administrative building was built 44 years ago has become inaccessible now. Inspector’s office room, arsenal, barracks and officials room have cracked on the roofs and walls of various places. There are 25 to 30 police personnel living at risk.
The condition of residential buildings is more dreadful. On Tuesday, it was found that the columns and beams broke out in different places of the administrative building. There are small and big cracks around the building where the police personnel are working in an environment in an upstairs room in an uncomfortable environment. Each building has a crack in the wall and ceiling. The ceiling is coming off. Most of the buildings have no doors and windows. Police members are living at risk in such a ghosted environment. The pond inside the police station has become a dump. The pond is not working anymore because the pond is not reformed. In the residential building, the police station’s second top official along with sub-inspector Mizanur Rahman lives there. He said, due to lack of drainage system, there is water logging in the thana premises when it rains heavily. The roofs of the residential buildings are covered with water. Due to the housing crisis, most of the officials, who are respected by the police, are forced to stay in municipal town homes. Sub-inspector Sohel said that many people like him are living in the premises because they are unable to stay in the house. He said, ‘I cannot sleep peacefully after the completion of duty’.
Police Inspector (OC investigation) Nazrul Islam said, the condition of the police station building and quarters are awful. It is almost always on the broth worn head. Police cannot sleep in peace after performing public security all day.
Thana Officer-in-Charge (OC) Khandakar Imam Hossain said, thana buildings and quarters have become unsuitable for use since long ago. Police members are always scared. Manikganj LGED and Public Works Department were informed in writing in 2014 for the release of Thana buildings and quarters. But the concerned authorities have not announced the abandonment of the thana buildings and quarters till date. Even did not take initiatives to reform those buildings.
Manikganj Police Superintendent Rifat Rahman Shamim said the authorities concerned including the police headquarters are concerned about the risk of Singair Thana building and quarter. Recently DIG of Dhaka Range of Police Abdullah Al Mamun came to see him. He assured of passing the project to build Thana Building and quaters as soon as possible. Hopefully this project will be passed in the current fiscal year. In this context, Dhaka DIG Abdullah Al Mamun of the police said, the matter is of concern. The Singer Thana and Quarter Building will be dismantled and necessary measures will be taken.