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Publish: 3:52 PM, September 6, 2018 | Update: 3:52:PM, September 6, 2018

Games of September 2018

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Platforms: PS4, XB1, PC
Release Date: September 4th
Bungie’s shared world shooter has had a divisive first year, but the new major expansion aims to fix the problems fans had with the original release and chart a new future for the series. Kicking off with the murder of the beloved Guardian Cayde-6, players will find themselves on a journey of revenge that takes them to new areas of the Reef and hunting down eight powerful Outlaws. New enemies, weapons, and Supers are nothing new for a Destiny expansion, but Forsaken goes bigger with a new weapon slot system, and the competitive co-op Gambit mode. If you’re a Guardian who bounced off of Destiny 2, this is a good time to jump back in.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Platforms: PS4, PC
Release Date: September 4th

Japanese players already got to play Dragon Quest XI last year, but September will see the game’s worldwide release. As a young boy with a strange birthmark on his arm, you’ll leave your idyllic home with your best friend and travel the world to defeat the Lord of Shadows and prevent the end of the world. Our review called it, “A massive, masterful, ‘traditional’ RPG” and a “visual feast.”

Zone of the Enders: Second Runner – Mars

Platforms: PS4, PC
Release Date: September 6th

It’s been 15 years since Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner released, putting players back into the Jehuty Orbital Frame. After a remaster for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and the mecha hack-n-slash is returning for a second remaster, this time for the PS4 and PC with enhanced graphics, “next gen” surround sound, and two extra difficulty modes. But the most important new addition is the VR support that’ll let you interact with Jehuty and view in-game models in 360 degrees. For those that want to play more of Kojima’s work, this is one game you shouldn’t miss out on.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Platforms: PS4
Release Date: September 7th

At this point, what else needs to be said about Spider-Man? Insomniac’s first foray with the webhead has continued to impress with each time it’s been shown, and it’s hard to not get excited at the prospect of a Spider-Man game with perfect webslinging yet again. Everything is lining up for this to be a game changer – not just for Spider-Man games, but for superhero and Marvel games in particular. For PS4 owners, this is definitely one game to pick up as soon as humanly possible.

NBA Live 19

Platforms: PS4, XB1
Release Date: September 7th

A new year of basketball means another chance for EA to help you once again become The One. NBA Live 19 once again goes for the rising star experience by putting players in the shoes of a promising high school student recruited to the big leagues and going on a globe-trotting adventure to create a team made up of the best players on the world. The One was the highlight of last year’s game, and its continuation here with deeper customization options and focus and combining “street” and “league” games make Live 19 worth paying attention to.

NBA 2K19

Platforms: PS4, XB1, PC, Switch
Release Date: September 11th

It wouldn’t be the fall games season without a new NBA 2K to grace the shelves. For LeBron James, everything is going his way this year, as he’s the star gracing the game’s cover for the LA Lakers for the game’s 20th anniversary edition. Along with the cover, 2K will have James-specific content set to be released with the special edition such as in-game items, virtual currency, and MyCOURT customizations tied to LeBron. The anniversary edition of the game can be bought four days earlier than the standard edition retail release, and given how hot LeBron’s been, it’s hard to pass up that offer.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Platforms: PS4, XB1, PC
Release Date: September 14th

It feels so long ago that Lara Croft was stuck on an island full of cannibals and searching for immortal cities. But this being the final story in her reboot trilogy, she’s not content with just relaxing. This time, Lara travels heads to South America to find an Aztec relic, stop the Mayan Apocalypse that she helped start and finally bring an end to Trinity. Fans of the earlier Tomb Raider entries will be glad to hear that there are many more tombs for Lara to explore this time around, and new difficulty options will ensure that players get to be how they personally perceive Lara Croft.

Star Control : Origins

Platforms: PC, PS4, XB1
Release Date: September 20th

It’s been over 20 years since Atari’s Star Control series saw a new release. Now that the rights have been acquired by Stardock, the studio has brought back the long in stasis series with a procedurally generated action-RPG. Set in an alternate universe outside of the original trilogy, players will take on the role of a human taking the charge for Earth’s first interstellar odyssey. Sci-fi games are fairly common now, so Stardock’s way of standing out is a built in story editor that’ll allow players to create their own stories and dialogues for the aliens that’ll be lip synced with whatever dialogue written. That alone is worth taking this new trip to the stars.

Life is Strange Season 2: Episode 1

Platforms: PS4, XB1, PC
Release Date: September 27th

Fresh on the heels of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Developer Dontnod Entertainment is continuing to build on the Life is Strange universe, this time introducing all-new characters in 16-year-old Sean and 9-year-old Daniel Diaz. After a “tragic event” occurs in their suburban Seattle home, both boys run from the police to seek asylum in Puerto Lobos, Mexico. Developers tease a whole new cast of characters and powers to explore in this follow-up to the 2015 original.


Platforms: PS4, XB1, PC, Switch
Release Date: September 28th

The World Cup this year was phenomenal game after game. That’s fortunately where FIFA 19 comes in to provide an experience that’ll be just as fun to play as the Cup matches were to watch. Anyone who plays the Pro Evolution games will be pleased to hear the Champions League mode is coming with the real world tournament options that’ll help the matches feel more real, along with the addition of the UEFA Super Cup and Europa League. The high of soccer never really ends, and FIFA 19 wants to keep it going until the next World Cup.

Source: IGN