Shayestaganj town moving forward under municipal mayor Salek Mia

Publish: 3:27 PM, September 1, 2018 | Update: 3:27:PM, September 1, 2018

Mamun Chowdhury, Habiganj Correspondent:
Shayestaganj municipality election was held on 30 December 2015. In that election, municipal Awami League President Md. Salek Mia was elected Mayor with boat symbol.
After being elected mayor Md. Salek Mia has been relentlessly working to build the true modern Shayestaganj municipal town with the overall support of Habiganj leader Alhaj Advocate Mohammad Abu Jahir MP. He brought electricity in every area of the municipality. He is building roads and drains. He is setting up deep tube well to remove pure water crisis. He is doing special work in unemployment problems. He is also strict in removing drugs.
He is fully cooperative to the law enforcement agencies to prevent crimes. In his breakthrough steps, crime activities in Shayestaganj have been reduced. He is providing money from his own pocket especially for education. He is advising to take good education in the educational institution. Not only that, he is playing a huge role for the welfare of the vehicles workers. He is against the black ticket sellers at railway junction. He is working with grassroots people to increase train tickets sale.
Besides, he started work on the construction of one way road from Shayestaganj thana to new bridge area to reduce traffic congestion. He is constructing drain on both sides of the road for draining water. Nearly 65 percent of the work has ended. The remaining work is going on.
He is also taking responsibility for the education of poor family members. He personally spent huge amount of money for these children. Hundreds of poor families are able to take good education because of him. He is getting self satisfactory by doing all these works. He is confronting the people with self-expression and accountability.