Five Patuakhali war criminals to die for 1971 crimes

Publish: 11:01 AM, August 13, 2018 | Update: 11:01:AM, August 13, 2018

DHAKA  – The International Crimes Tribunal (ICT)-1 today sentenced five war criminals from Patuakhali to death for committing crimes against humanity in 1971.

The three-member tribunal led by Justice Md Shahinur Islam passed the judgement in a crowded courtroom.

The five convicts are – Esahaq Shikder, Abdul Gani Hawlader, Abdul Awal alias Moulvi Awal, Abdus Sattar Pyada and Solaiman Mridha.

The tribunal passed the verdict in their presence as they were produced before the court by police this morning.

The first tribunal handed down maximum punishment to them as they were found guilty in both the charges framed against them.

The ICT-1 on May 30 kept the date of judgement on CAV (curia advisari vault, a Latin legal term meaning court awaits verdict) as the hearing of the case came to an end on that day.

The tribunal on March 8, 2017, indicted the accused, framing two charges of crimes against humanity against them. The first tribunal on September 23, 2015, issued warrant to arrest the accused, and they were nabbed after that.

It was the 34th judgement in cases filled for crimes against humanity.