She is the reason I wake up every morning, motivated

Publish: 3:53 PM, August 1, 2018 | Update: 3:53:PM, August 1, 2018

Sonam Kapoor shared Anil’s lovely quote from the conversation he had with Humans of Bombay. In the lengthy post, the Fanney Khan actor speaks of how he first came to know Sunita. They crossed paths thanks to a prank call. He then proceeded to explain how after all these years of sharing the roller-coaster ride of life together, they have only begun dating now.
Here’s what the full post shared by Sonam Kapoor said:
“A friend of mine gave Sunita my number to prank call me-that’s when I first spoke to her & fell in love with her voice! Soon after, we met at a party-there was just something about her. We started talking & became friends. We used to discuss this other girl I liked-you know, if I like her or she likes me? Then suddenly that girl vanished, leaving me heartbroken-our friendship strengthened because of that! Little did I know that Sunita was the one all along-we started dating organically.
It’s not like in the movies-I didn’t ask her to be my girlfriend-we both just knew. She was from a liberal family-a banker’s daughter with a modelling career & I was bekaar! She didn’t care who I was or what my profession is- none of it mattered! I lived in Chembur & she lived on Nepeansea road-it took me an hour to reach by bus. She would start screaming, ‘No come fast by cab!’ & I’d say ‘Arrey I don’t have money’ then she’d say ‘Just come na’ & pay for my cab! We dated for 10 years-we travelled and grew together. She was always clear that she won’t enter the kitchen. If I said ‘cook’ I’d get a kick! I knew I needed to become something before asking her to marry me. I went through the struggle of not getting work, but she supported me unconditionally. So when I got my first break, ‘Meri Jung’ I thought, now house will come, kitchen will come, help will come..I can get married! So I called Sunita & said, ‘Let’s get married tomorrow-it’s tomorrow or never’ & the next day, we were married! I went for shoot 3 days later & madam went abroad on our honeymoon..without me!
Honestly, she knows me better than I know me. We’ve built our life; our home together. We’ve raised 3 kids & been through ups and downs. But I feel like we’re finally dating now-romantic walks & dinners have just begun! We’ve been together 45 years-45 years of friendship, love & companionship.
They don’t make people like her anymore. She’s the perfect mother, perfect wife & the reason I wake up every morning, motivated. You know why? When I ask her, ‘Arrey, yesterday only gave you so much money’ she says, ‘Woh sab khatam ho’s all finished!’ and I jump out of bed & run to work.”

|Source: Indian Express]