Around 100% enrollment in Rajshahi primary education

Publish: 2:10 PM, July 22, 2018 | Update: 2:10:PM, July 22, 2018

RAJSHAHI – Around hundred percent enrollment in district’s primary education has been achieved due to various programmes being implemented by the government in last nine and half years.

“We have been able to ensure 99.8 percent enrollment in primary schools at present and hoped achieving the rest only 0.2 percent within the shortest possible time,” said district primary education officer Nafisha Begum.

In the district, education rate in primary level is 93.85 percent and the number of primary students is 2, 89,698. In 2018, 14.47 lakh books were distributed among the students free of cost. More than two lakh students get stipend and sub-stipend worth around Taka 16.82 crore every year.

Since July last year, students of all primary schools located in City Corporation and municipality areas have been brought under the sub-stipend facilities for the first time.

Students from one-child families get monthly Taka 100, two-child families Taka 200, three-child families Taka 250 and four-child families Taka 300. In this year, 1,930 students obtained scholarship including 530 talent pool,
1,304 general and 96 supplementary.

Nafisha Begum said multimedia classrooms and computer laboratories were set up in 285 primary schools in the district. 829 teachers were imparted need- based training on ICT and 993 others were given training on autism and neuro development disorder.

The present government has adopted multidimensional steps to achieve cherished goal in education sector, she added, saying pre-primary classes have been launched in all schools for the age of under six babies. Each of
the schools is given Taka 5,000 annually to facilitate babies to flourish their latent talents with developing their physical and mental growth.

That’s why, hundred percent enrollment has been achieved and the rate of dropout has been reduced to a greater extent, she continued.

Department of Primary Education (DPE) has implemented various infrastructure development projects worth around Taka 540.20 crore in eight districts under Rajshahi division. Works of four major projects were
completed at an estimated cost of Taka 414.37 crore in the last five years. Works of four others projects are ongoing with an estimated cost of Taka 125.83 crore.

District education officer Laily Begum said the education rate in secondary and higher secondary level has also been developed comparatively.

She said currently the education ratio in the secondary level is 47.54 percent. More than 5.12 lakh secondary students get sub-stipend worth around Taka 71.35 crore. In 2018, 3.34 lakh students got around 46 lakh textbooks
free of cost.

She added 61 Sheikh Russel Digital Laboratories were set up in various institutions and setting up of 19 other labs is under process as Bangladesh Computer Council established 215 ICT labs.

Meanwhile, 19 ICT Learning Centers and four ICT Training and Resource Centers for Education have been installed in Paba, Puthiya, Tanore and Bagmara Upazilas.

Laily Begum mentioned that the number of multimedia using upazila-based educational institutions is 706.