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The politics of Egypt’s sexual violence

One day in the summer of 1974, I was getting ready to go to the swimming pool with a mixed-gender group of friends when my mother took me aside. “Remember,” she said, “that a well-brought-up young man does not ogle women.” I was a teenager at the time, subject to all the usual hormonal energies, […]

Terror scaremongering threatens our democracy

Be aware, be very aware that claims made by Australian politicians, police and media in recent days about alleged terrorist activity might well turn out to be plain wrong or at least over-cooked. This is because there is a history in this country in recent years of hyperbole, sensationalism, paranoia and misconstruing of conversations and […]

The battle between capital and labour is still raging on film

I’m trying to figure out why I loved Pride so much (the film, not the event). I don’t want to get too cultural studies about this – it’s mainly because it’s good. Yet I’m struck by the number of times I’ve sat sniffing in a multiplex over a film about the miners’ strike; the number […]

The irresponsible politics of the BNP

The greatest burden of  Bangladesh today is its opposition politics devoid of direction, commitment and  values. Anybody knowledgeable about the country’s affairs can identify many problems  frustrating its economic growth and development. However, out of these problems the one that ought to be recognised as the most formidable  one is the nature of  its opposition […]

Beijing and New Delhi can seek more common ground for mutual benefit

Kong Defang Liang Jun Chinese President Xi Jinping just wrapped up his State visit to India, one of China’s most important neighbors. As the world’s two largest developing countries, both China and India have long recognized the strategic importance of their bilateral ties, and have made great efforts to ensure their overall cooperation would not […]

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Muhith brushes aside Jamaat ban speculation

Staff Reporter Describing Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami a “bloody party”, finance minister, AMA Muhith, on Sunday said the ruling Awami League (AL) has no plan to ban the Islamist party. “It is for spreading disconcerting rumours about an ‘understanding’ with the government on the war crimes issue,” as he blamed. The finance minister was addressing journalists following […]

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Jamaat hartal draws poor response

Staff Reporter Dhaka : The second and final phase of countrywide 24-hour hartal, called by Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh demanding the release of its jailed nayeb-e-ameer Delwar Hossain Sayedee, was held peacefully in the capital as well as other parts of the country on Sunday, reports TBT. Jamaat-Shibir activists brought out processions in support of the shutdown […]

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Partners quitting 20-party alliance: Inu

DHAKA : Dismissing BNP’s allegation that the government is trying to split its alliance, Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu on Sunday said the 20-party partners are deserting it to save them from the grip of Khaleda Zia’s misguidance, reports UNB. “It’s a blatant lie that the government is trying to split the 20-party alliance providing […]

Moghbazar triple murder 6 put on remand

DHAKA : A court here on Sunday placed four people on a six-day remand while two others on three-day in two cases filed in connection with Moghbazar triple murder. Among the six people who were arrested on Saturday, Shahidullah, Ramjan Ali, Rubel Mia Sunny and Maruf Hossain were placed on a 6-day remand each in […]

Rab ditches European Parliament statement

DHAKA : Refuting the European Parliament’s (EP) recent statement over the impunity of Rapid Action Battalion (Rab), the elite force headquarters here on Sunday said Rab does not want any impunity for its any member involved in crimes, reports UNB. Rab’s reaction came in an SMS sent to reporters’ cellphones quoting its director general Mukhlesur […]