Editorial articles

Ensuring availability of water from common rivers

The rivers are life-giving to the still largely pastoral or agrarian economy of Bangladesh. But most of these rivers, their tributaries and distributaries present a sorrowful spectacle today compared to their previous state. The rivers are common to both India and Bangladesh but have been unilaterally regulated on the Indian side through dams and other […]

Highly deserved supports by the real estate sector

Despite its present rather stressed conditions, the real estate sector continues to be a major economic sector that can fairly soon much expand its activities provided adequate governmental supports are lent to it. Therefore, the suggestions conveyed to the government by the representatives of the Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB)–recently– merit an […]

The economy’s management

Finance Minister M A Muhith frequently reminds everybody about the need to collect greater revenues to fill the government’s coffers. But there are obviously difficulties in pushing taxation measures, specially direct taxes, far, because one danger of such stepped up taxation in any setting is its likely adverse effects on investment and entrepreneurial activities. Steep […]

A forward-looking strategy to ensure water supply

Time is ripe to start considering seriously the establishment of desalination plants in Bangladesh as our rivers are experiencing leaner and more polluted flows and it is proving to be too dangerous to encourage free style lifting of underground water for the land subsidence the same appears to be causing amid the growing threat of […]

The changing concept of morality

A society that can very quickly grasp this changing nature of morality and shed its outdated and useless moral tenets for the more useful and exciting morality of the days has a future. Another that continues to wallow in the mire of its old but impotent values will find itself not travelling well enough in […]

Looking objectively at the health sector

Bangladesh has been one of the countries to pursue a policy of extending public health care at free or nominal costs to large sections of its population who badly need such medical or health care as they are too poor to buy medicare privately. Bangladesh is not seen lagging behind also in having an extensive […]

Attracting NRB resources and expertise

In some developing countries, the non-residents in the population who live and work abroad, are cultivated for their resources. The expatriates are regarded and sought after as sources of funds in foreign currencies to undertake economic activities in their countries of origin. Unfortunately, Bangladesh has not been able to tap this lucrative source of finance, […]

Responding to the ‘knowledge demand’ of the times

It should be abundantly clear that the new century and the new millennium would belong essentially to those with knowledge. Those without knowledge would continue to suffer poverty, despair and deprivation.Where stands Bangladesh in this unfolding scheme of things? Any proper assessment done would place Bangladesh in the list of countries which seem to be […]

Zakat can significantly alleviate poverty

The holy month of Ramadan is coming nearer. People of some means are seen to be more charitable  now than at other times of the year. They are seen distributing  mainly petty cash and clothes among poor people as a way of discharging their religious obligation of zakat.  But  Bangladesh today is also a country […]

Concern about outflow of resources

Bangladesh has lost between US$6 billion and US$9 billion to illicit money outflows in 2014, according to a Global Financial Integrity (GFI) report. The Washington-based research and advisory organisation recently released the report based on a research on 150 countries.Bangladesh lost a total of  US$75 billion due to trade misinvoicing and other unrecorded outflows between […]

Criminal misuse of scarce resources

The scene is a very familiar one to residents of Dhaka city. A road divider is seen going through the centre of a thoroughfare. But it hardly remains a standing feature for long. Only some months may pass when a demolition squad arrives to remake it. No reason is given for the remaking .  Only […]

Handloom sector needs supports

It is regrettable  that a sector which  has a major role in the lives  of mass people in the country – the handloom sector –  is a  relatively neglected one.  The figures suggest that the total demand for fabrics in the country is about 1676 million metres. Out of this demand, 63 per cent or […]

Saving and restoring the environment

It is no  overstatement to say that among  the ministries of the government, the performance of the environment ministry has been specially poor  since it was set up in  the late eighties in response to the growing environmental  hazards. The  environment of Bangladesh has gone on declining  during the last nearly three  decades. But the […]

Budget and the environment

Environmental concern has certainly heightened in Bangladesh . When Bangladesh was born, environmental concern was almost non existent. The country had only started urbanising in that period and urban pollution of different forms witnessed today in Dhaka and other major cities of the  country were unknown in that period. Industrialisation was at nascent stages and […]

Agriculture should graduate to a higher level

There are very compelling reasons  to explain why much increasing the production of food grains ought to be a very high priority for Bangladesh. The country is able to maintain a balance of sorts between its basic food supply requirement and present population with some dependency on imported food grains. But this balance could strain […]

Developing and utilizing various power sources

Power is central to economic activity. But this power  supply in Bangladesh is substantially short of even prevailing demand not to mention the potential higher demand in the future. In this situation of power insufficiency, investment operations are understandably lagging from a lack of confidence from otherwise able investors that they would not be able […]

Taking the press as a guide

The government in a developing country like Bangladesh is found handicapped by many factors. One such  main factor is the lack of information. The controlling heads of the government machinery do not usually get good feedback on many governmental programmes and activities. The routine information  they get about services deliveries of the government or the […]

A multilateral framework for river water sharing

A small report on the back page of this paper sometime ago drew the attention of this writer. The report had enough significance for it  to be in the national limelight. Besides, it should be a matter to concern not only Bangladesh. It has very serious implications for India as well as it stated that […]

Facilitating the private sector

The private sector has emerged as the main driver of economic growth in the country following the gradual unbundling of the state operated sectors, privatization and greater stimulus given to private entrepreneurs from the middle seventies. Thus, the private sector generates some 80 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and 90 per […]

Law and order and businesses

The investment climate or a conducive environment for the functioning of businesses depend on many factors in a country. Specially, in Bangladesh, the same are dependent on the lending rate, state of infrastructures, macro economic fundamentals, political stability, costs of utilities, etc. Nonetheless, the growth rate of the economy had been reasonable in the present […]

Strengthening the judiciary

It was observed sometime ago in a seminar that the judiciary should have a separate secretariat . Undoubtedly, there is a point in capacity building in the judiciary to improve its functioning in all respects. It was also underlined on the occasion that the secretariat is important for the independence of the judiciary. But that […]

Speeding up land accretion in coastal areas

Bangladesh is increasing in size contradicting forecasts that parts of this country will disappear under water due to global warming. Scientists at the Centre for Environment and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) say that the country’s landmass has been increasing by 20 square kilometres (12.5 square miles) annually. They said that they have studied 32 years […]

Reducing losses of SOEs

The state owned enterprises (SOEs) under various sector corporations of the government have been a source of continuing drain of public resources . The losses have been rising, ebbing somewhat and rising again over the years. On the whole, the losses have been climbing steadily since the last thirty-nine years.But the point of concern is […]

Taxation issues

The national income tax day is observed regularly and annually. The National Board of Revenue (NBR) observes the occasion by honouring top taxpayers of the country. This has been a welcome tradition aimed to inspire all categories of taxpayers that they can feel good about themselves from fulfilling their patriotic duty of paying taxes which […]