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Managing human resources

There are irrefutable examples to show why of all economic resources, human resources needs to be counted as one that can be of the greatest value for a country to climb up the ladder of economic growth and development. Japan is a very prominent example of this reality. A country without significant mineral and other […]

Any concern about the population explosion ?

A research finding of the Population Council says that Bangladesh’s population will hit the 28 crore mark by 2051. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with a total area of 55,598 square miles (143,999 kilometres). Presently the density of population is hovering around 900 per square mile. Today, in […]

Development of Bangladesh Railway

There are compelling reasons for the Development of Bangladesh Railway (BR). For examples, expansion of railway networks involve less land acquisition than for building roads. This is a big plus point in a land scarce country. Railways are also safer than roads where nearly 2 % of the gross domestic product (GDP) are lost annually […]

Hawkers and rickshaw pullers

Among the prescription for curing road jams in Dhaka city, two suggestions have been there for a long time : getting rid of the rickshaws from main roads and also evicting the hawkers from there. The slow-moving rickshaws help to create traffic jams and the hawkers occupy road spaces blocking the free flow of traffic […]

The ways to greater remittance earnings

Hard thinkerson Bangladesh’s economic situation have calculated that this country can fairly soon furthermuch reduce its dependence on foreign aid and carry out its developmental activities by its own efforts by relying on its own strengths. Policies to this end are needed and these can be of the type of ‘helping people to help themselves’. […]

Saving the still remaining wetlands

Notwithstanding the apparent gloss and glitter of its high rise buildings, Dhaka is now a seriously endangered city. The once natural drainage system of the city with its many natural canals plus the surrounding wetlands that also helped the purpose of retention of drained waters and their gradual drainage, are largely things of the past. […]

Better understanding the problems of poverty

It brings money into the country – an awful lot of money indeed! – ending up where none knows! It does not usually reach the target groups who have reconciled with it as a fait accompli. It goes to those who talk, write, and prepare tons of documents about it. Successive governments in Bangladesh for […]

Brain drain from Bangladesh

What is brain drain? According to Walter Adams, the term itself is loaded, pejorative, suggestive of loss of a vital resource, without compensation. More precisely, brain drain is the depletion of the intellectual or professional resources of a country through immigration. Such a migration has gone on for decades and in some measures for centuries, […]

Law and order and businesses

The investment climate or a conducive environment for the functioning of businesses depend on many factors in a country. Specially, in Bangladesh, the same are dependent on the lending rate, state of infrastructures, macro economic fundamentals, political stability, costs of utilities, etc. Nonetheless, the growth rate of the economy had been reasonable in the present […]

Well deserved supports for SMEs

The small and medium industries (SMEs) ideally meet the employment strategy in Bangladesh where capital intensive large enterprises would create employment for a lesser number of people. The SMEs, by contrast, are labour intensive in character and can be considered as employing a greater number of workers. The smaller enterprises also enjoy better exit conditions […]

Export possibilities of pharmaceutical industries

Indeed, the foreign currency earning prospects of the pharmaceutical sector are considered to be no less than the readymade garment (RMG) which is presently the single biggest export earning sector of the country. With steady promotional activities favouring the local pharmaceutical industries, these can in the near future start earning as much as the RMG […]

Ensuring energy supply

There are umpteenth reasons why energy supply should be accorded the highest immediate priorities in governmental actions and planning from now on. The urgency to both augment energy supply and plan neatly for energy production, were the moot subjects in recent seminars. The seminars recommended that there must be no further vacillation, oscillation or underperformance […]

What’s needed is an energy revolution

Greenland’s glaciers are melting even faster than previously thought and contributing more and more to sea level rise caused by global warming. If you live near the sea and think global warming isn’t a problem for you, it’s probably time to think again. The latest reports on increased levels of glacial discharge, in the journal […]

Prospective food industries

One thing which continues to favourBangladesh in its export trade is its comparative advantage in the production of certain products for exporting them to the world’s markets. Value-addition to agricultural produces for export happen to be one such hugely prospective area. But it does not seem that even a small part of the potentials of […]

Strategies for longer term wateravailability

On the World Water day on March 22 last year UNICEF and WHO published a joint study according to which as many as 26 million Bangladeshi people do not have access to safe drinking water. The UN General Assembly has declared water to be a basic human right; yet the unfortunate fact is that many […]

Conserving energy

One may remember what a famous television presenter, FazleLohani, used to advice his audience in the seventies and eighties at the end of a programme. He would end his programmes telling the viewers that they could help conserve a scarce natural resource, gas, and they could do it by just ensuring that every time a […]

Law and order and businesses

The investment climate or a conducive environment for the functioning of businesses depend on many factors in a country. Specially, in Bangladesh, the same are dependent on the lending rate, state of infrastructures, macro economic fundamentals, political stability, costs of utilities, etc. Nonetheless, the growth rate of the economy had been reasonable in the present […]

Anarchic transport strike demanding injustice

Two transport drivers-both of them truckers- were handed severe verdicts regarding two separate and high profile cases. One was sent to life in prison for his actions which lead to the death of MishukMunier- a famous broadcast journalist and Tarek Masud- a renowned filmmaker and three others. Another driver was sentenced to death for purposefully […]

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Resettlement of urban hawkers

The incumbent government has brought about commendable changes in different areas of national life. While these are being widely appreciated, there is also the point that some aggrieved quarters have reasons to feel that the government has not been sufficiently sensitive to their problems. Outstanding among them who consider that they have genuine grievances, are […]

Facilitating the private sector

The private sector has emerged as the main driver of economic growth in the country following the gradual unbundling of the state operated sectors, privatization and greater stimulus given to private entrepreneurs from the middle seventies. Thus, the private sector generates some 80 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and 90 per […]

Public health care system lacking in many ways

Over the years, Bangladesh has built up layers of public health services across the country. There are public hospitals in the big cities and smaller versions of state run hospitals in the rural areas called upazilla or thana health complex. There are about 402 such established complexes in about 460 thanas or districts into which […]

Aiming for a manageable population

A great deal of publicity was given some years ago to the decreasing population growth rate in Bangladesh which is one of the most populous countries in the world and presently the country with the highest population density. Population growth that was well above 3 per cent annually in the seventies was seen to be […]

Ensuring the quality of exported products

The traditional thinking is that business success depends on supplying products cheaper to consumers compared to rival producers. But this can be a shortsighted approach to production and management. Experiences over the last three or four decades have proved conclusively that price is only one of the factors that influence consumers’ decision. More than price, […]

Rating former US President Obama

It was given worldwide media coverage recently that former President Barack Obama was judged as the 12th best President ever in US history by C-Span, a forum of historians in USA. More eye-catching has been the survey results conducted by several US new agencies and newspapers. The survey results all gave Mr Obama a clear […]

Government’s role as a trainer in skills

Bangladeshis everywhere in the world have proved their worth as reliable and hard working people. Many of them did not find jobs at home but did considerably well by doing even odd jobs abroad and remitting their earnings home that contributed so much to the country’s foreign currency reserve while helping their families. But these […]