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China limits travel to both Koreas as conflict heats up

After deciding to crack down on travel by its citizens to South Korea from March 15, China is now expanding those restrictions to include North Korea as well, with Chinese tour operators suspending sales of tours in the isolated country. Chinese tourists have long made up the largest group of visitors to North Korea, whose […]

Resilience of the Resistance

The resistance to the travesty of Donald Trump’s presidency is holding up just fine, thank you very much.As we approach the 100th day of the Trump administration, a tremendous amount of attention and coverage will be devoted to analyzing its impact and efficacy. But I would also like to take time to celebrate the impact […]

The stealthy Hezbollahzation of Iraq

Experts disagree about the date when Hezbollah came into being. It emerged out of the shadows, and suddenly in 1983 was responsible for bombings that killed hundreds of peacekeeping forces in Beirut. We Lebanese were similarly bemused by this entity that gained a stranglehold on our society. As the civil war ended, instead of demobilizing […]

Britain’s Mother Theresa

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s surprising, though not astonishing, announcement that she would ask Parliament for a general election on June 8 comes on the heels of a soul-searching referendum 10 months ago, in which Britain voted to leave its EU partner of 42 years. This was followed by a prolonged period of absorbing the […]

Crime and Different Punishments

Last week, the State of Arkansas, which had executed exactly nobody since 2005, put to death Ledell Lee for the crime of murdering Debra Reese in 1993. Why now – 11 years after the last execution, 24 years after the crime? Because the chemicals used for lethal injection were about to expire.Reasonable people can disagree […]

China and Mexico – burgeoning business bedfellows

The recent announcement by Bimbo, the world’s largest breadmaker, that it plans to continue expanding into China reaffirms the Mexican company’s commitment to boost its presence in the world’s most populous market. Yet, looking beyond Bimbo’s corporate strategy, the company’s commitment to the region is also part of a broader, accelerating trend of greater bilateral […]

Governments should raise taxes to achieve public health goals

Tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke kills smokers and non-smokers. Most tobacco users start using and become addicted to tobacco before the age of 20 when they are too young to realize the risks of tobacco use. Among tobacco users who understand the risks of tobacco, a majority report wanting to quit however the […]

‘Multilateralism first’ at center of China-EU relations

Till divided over the issue of bilateral trade and investment, China and the European Union set out a common vision of international affairs and global governance during the seventh China-EU Strategic Dialogue, which Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi – the Asian powerhouse’s highest-ranking diplomat – and EU foreign-policy chief Federica Mogherini co-chaired in Beijing on […]

Is Britain a soft touch for Islamist extremists?

Ever since French officials coined the term “Londonistan” in the 1990s, Britain has been tainted with the reputation of being a soft touch for Islamist extremists. During that decade, a slew of Islamist figures of varying types took refuge in Britain. Many Middle Eastern states accused the government of using them as a weapon against […]

A bit bolshie

To the uninitiated, the sight of a motley bunch of around three dozen odd foreigners – men, women and children – piling on to a train in Zurich might not have appeared extraordinary. But there was a crowd on the platform. Some of them were well-wishers. Others felt the passengers headed to the German border […]

Where do Kurds fit in Iraq’s jigsaw puzzle?

Iraq is threatened by a festering Kurdish-Arab conflict over the oil-rich city of Kirkuk following the latest escalation triggered by the Kirkuk Provincial Council’s decision to raise the Kurdistan flag next to an Iraqi flag over state buildings. The Kirkuk Provincial Council decision, secured courtesy of a majority, saw some Arab and Turkmen representatives boycott […]

We will always be as good as our last story’

Arab News today celebrates its 42nd anniversary, just as I am preparing to mark six months on the job as its editor in chief in a few days’ time. Naturally, much has changed in the paper since its establishment in 1975. I would like to think that much has also changed in the half-year since […]

Playing for sustainability: How games can transform the world

The year 2015 was critical for broad social and environmental development in the world. Governments that year defined a new set of international goals – set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – that would continue the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) agreed to by 189 countries at the UN Millennium Summit in 2000. […]

What Happens When Women Legislate

Cheaper tampons. Office breaks to pump breast milk. No co-pay on birth control. These are not the talking points of a ladies’ happy hour. They are among the State Senate and Assembly bills being considered in the Nevada Legislature. Not only were the bills designed solely with women in mind, they each were sponsored by […]

Colonial-era legislation infects army mindset in Manipur

On April 12, Indian Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi submitted a “curative petition” to the Supreme Court requesting reconsideration of its July 2016 order restraining the security forces from using “excessive or retaliatory force” in insurgency-hit areas in the country’s northeast and the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The petition sought to overrule calls to repeal […]

US-Russia split on Syria: Turkey sits on the fence

The situation in Syria has surprised even the most prominent Middle East experts, not to mention politicians. It has become a lasting war which has gone on for far longer than anyone predicted and it does not look like it is going to end anytime soon. With each passing day, the constant violence in Syria […]

Palestine’s tragic anniversaries not only about remembrance

For Palestinians, 2017 is a year of significant anniversaries. While historians mark May 15 as the anniversary of the date on which Palestinians were expelled from their homeland in 1948, the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians began in earnest in 1947. In strict historical terms, 1947 and 1948 were the years in which Palestine was […]

The insecurity of inequality

Global inequality today is at a level last seen in the late 19th century – and it is continuing to rise. With it has come a surging sense of disenfranchisement that has fueled alienation and anger, and even bred nationalism and xenophobia. As people struggle to hold on to their shrinking share of the pie, […]

The West bashes Russia while China is busy bridging the gap to Europe

Russia-bashing has become the staple of the Western mainstream media in recent months. Some headlines suggest a level of paranoia not seen since the Cold War: “Russia is the world’s biggest threat to democracy.” “Our freedom under assault.” “Nato must strengthen its defenses.” It is unlikely that Russian tanks will be rolling into Western Europe […]

Indonesia’s millennials need help to join the creative economy

It is all but impossible to discuss Indonesia today without acknowledging the significance of the country’s increasingly rapid pace of change – evident in economic development, social and cultural areas, and in its young people, or so-called millennials. Millennials – by some definitions those born between the late 1970s and the mid-1990s – use technology […]

Trump’s new role in the world and the defense of children

The US missile strike on Syria last Friday destroyed the main airfield President Bashar al-Assad used to combat al-Qaeda and ISIS forces and killed nine civilians, including four children. US President Donald Trump claims his complete turnaround on Syria was in response to a “horrible chemical-weapons attack” that Assad presumably launched against innocent men, women […]

The Riddle of Trump’s Syria Attack

The agony of Donald Trump – well, one of the many agonies – is that there are times when he will actually do the right thing, or at least a defensible thing, and we’ll be left wondering, even more than we did with other presidents, about what his motivations were, whether they fit into any […]

Powerful message to rogue regimes everywhere

On April 4, the world watched in horror. Images of the aftermath of a chemical weapons attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhun, in Idlib province, were broadcast around the world and went viral on social media. The attack is said to have killed and injured hundreds of innocent Syrians, including women and children. […]

Mountain town is the focus of the long-standing Indian-China border dispute

The Dalai Lama’s visit this week to the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, including the famed Buddhist monastery at Tawang, appears to be India’s response to perceived hostile Chinese reaction to several issues: – India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group, aimed at reducing the proliferation of materials needed to build nuclear weapons; – Its […]