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Trump’s foreign policy enters new uncertain phase

Who is the real Mike Pompeo and what does he really think about Russia, Iran, Afghanistan or Syria? Moscow has been noticeably reticent about US President Donald Trump’s dismissal last week of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his replacement with Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief Pompeo. This is curious considering how often Trump’s perceived […]

Trade for development

US President Trump’s unilateral tariffs on steel and aluminium imports threaten to unleash a trade war with America’s friends and foes. The move may appease Trump’s ‘rust belt’ constituency but is unlikely to end America’s trade deficits or bring back manufacturing jobs. Emerging from the Second World War as the dominant economic power, the US […]

Hawking’s great achievement: Making sense of time

Stephen Hawking’s ideas on the nature of black holes and the big bang might seem far removed from earthly life, but they stem from the kinds of questions that children and curious adults contemplate: Why can’t we move around in time the way we do in space? Why do we seem to be stuck on […]

Social media and the global tragedy of migrant worker abuse

If you have the stomach for it, do a search for “abused maids.” A random sample of headlines: “Six out of 10 maids in Singapore are exploited: Survey.” “Indonesia mulls ban on sending maids to Malaysia after abuse case.” “Help for Sri Lanka’s abused maids.” “Cambodian maid abused and treated as a slave for 13 […]

Stephen Hawking was truly a force of nature

I always thought that Stephen Hawking would outlive me. I broke into tears when I heard that he had not. He died at his home in Cambridge, England, at 76, after more than half a century of living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. When a man is given three years to live at 21, and he […]

The upper house and above

A SEVERE blow has been dealt to democracy. Balochistan has become the laughing stock of the world – a virtual unknown from the province has been made Senate chairman whereas celebrated nationalists have been left protesting. Politicians have been discredited as never before in Pakistan’s history. The PPP is dead (yes, it is dead one […]

Major powers step up battle for Africa

Rex Tillerson’s final overseas visit before Donald Trump fired him as US Secretary of State was to Africa, where many global and regional powers are coming into direct competition. Tillerson’s trip came within the framework of the American administration’s bid to secure its influence in Africa following the humiliation caused by President Donald Trump’s alleged […]

Philanthropy cannot substitute government aid

In the last few decades, philanthropy has enjoyed a renaissance. United States citizens contributed $390 billion (Dh1.43 trillion) to charity last year, while 150 billionaires around the world have signed a pledge to give away at least half their wealth. We will see the energy of this movement first-hand at the sixth Global Education & […]

Deconstructing the sacking of Rex Tillerson

The surprising part of US President Donald Trump’s move to sack Rex Tillerson as secretary of state is that it took place a full six months after the latter called him a “f***ing moron” at a Pentagon meeting. Tillerson should have thrown in the towel and walked away then. That’s probably what Trump would have […]

Let us ensure health rights of all

Though Bangladesh has achieved successes in its economic field, a number of problems have been prevailing in the health sector. Proper attention needs to be given to the sector for ensuring Universal Health Coverage. At the moment, Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) have broken out in an epidemic form in the country. According to health bulletin-2015 […]

Fresh overtures hint at a thaw in India-China relations

In an economic system that is still globalized, conflict does not automatically equal economic setback. This is because the conflict is no longer simply a shooting war, but a complicated struggle of wills. India and China are cases in point. Last year they had a serious military standoff over the Doklam border region, which came […]

Sad history of police ‘encounter killings’ in India

The official handling – or failure to do so – of a phenomenon known in India as “encounter killings” by police has been condemned by the country’s media as a “failure of the justice system.” According to Wikipedia, the term has been “used in India and Pakistan since the late 20th century to describe killings […]

The Senate in transition

THE Senate elections have exposed the true political culture of Pakistan and the show that has been put up is not at all complimentary to the politicians who claim to be democracy’s veteran soldiers. Much has been said about horse-trading and much more will be said in the coming days. But the political leaders who […]

We need higher targets for clean energy

How much is each country’s fair share when it comes to reducing carbon emissions or increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy mix? All governments have committed to these two important goals as part of the Paris Agreement on climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goal on affordable and clean energy (‘SDG […]

How to boost gender equality in developing countries

The world will celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, an annual opportunity to recommit to gender equality. This year’s observance comes at an important time for women’s rights, as global movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp are refocusing attention on the discriminatory practices that women confront in their social and professional lives. But while women […]

Why International Women’s Day important

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated across the world on March 8 every year. The aim of IWD is to achieve gender equality for women. According to a report of World Economic Forum in 2017, it could still take another 100 years before the global equality gap between men and women disappears entirely. On the […]

Israeli media failed in covering Netanyahu’s corruption

Political corruption in Israel is endemic. It is not an occasional occurrence pertaining to the slip-ups of a few individuals, but rather the status quo in a country that never ceases to masquerade as the healthiest and the most transparent of all democracies. What is particularly baffling – but not entirely surprising – about media […]

Fault in the system

A FEW years back, I invited an American law-enforcement expert to visit Pakistan. The gentleman had developed police units in the Balkans and the Caribbean. Based on demand from Pakistani police officers, I requested him to study the institution and identify global best practices that could benefit them. After a couple of visits and numerous […]

Confusion galore around Macron’s conscription plans

In France, the ideal of serving the republic is as old as 1789 and the revolution that created it. It is only fitting, then, that Emmanuel Macron, whose campaign book was titled Revolution, made obligatory national service a centrepiece of his run for the presidency. There’s a reason the proposal resonated during the election campaign. […]

Yemen must save itself from ruinous gun culture

The United States and Yemen top the list of gun ownership worldwide. There are about 113 guns for every 100 Americans, according to a Congressional Research Service report. There are no reliable comparable statistics for Yemen, but estimates vary at between 55 and 300 guns for every 100 people. In both nations, there is a […]

Maintaining health through holistic system

Health management has turned into a serious challenge for us with the rise of complex diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Many of our people are unable to bear the huge expenses associated with the diseases. Hence, it is needed to find out treatment which can be available by spending less money. Is […]

In America’s absence, Japan takes the lead on Asian free trade

At a time when Japan is doing more than ever to uphold the post-war international system, it is an extreme historical irony that Imperial Japan’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere is finally being achieved. The Japanese leadership’s attempt at getting, on March 8, signatures on the final agreement of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for […]