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We look forward to a beautiful Bangladesh free from violence and terrorism : Noor

We look forward to a beautiful Bangladesh free from violence and terrorism : Noor

A man cannot commit a crime if he/she loves Tagore song. Rabindranath has shown us the path of light and liberation. We want a land of humans not demons. We want to build this country as a flower garden, a press release said. Cultural Minister Asaduzzaman Noor said this while speaking as the Chief Guest […]

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Pesto taste test

Tony Naylor: It is easy to imagine that pesto has been around for ever. In fact, Sacla’s jarred version of this basil sauce – the first mass-produced pesto distributed in the UK – only appeared on supermarket shelves in 1991. Even in Italy itself, pesto is a relatively modern creation. Historically, the Roman sauces agliata […]

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109 new books hit book fair

As many as 109 new books hit the Amar Ekushey Granthamela on the 8th day of the month-long mega extravaganza that began on February 1, Reports, BSS This year’s book fair already has so far drawn a huge number of visitors soaring sales of books on different genres of literature and other areas of knowledge. […]


Bozouls: A French Town Perched Above A ‘Hole’

Interesting News Trou de Bozouls, or “the hole of Bozouls”, is a large horseshoe-shaped canyon located near the commune of Bozouls in the Aveyron department in southern France. The meander was dug out in the limestone by the erosive action of running water of the Dourdou river as it flows through the large limestone plateau […]

A look into the booming e-cigarette industry and the potential misinformation behind its growing success.

Investigating e-cigarettes

The e-cigarette industry is enjoying great success across the United States with over 10 percent of all American adults – an estimated 20 million people – currently vaping. Profits are high, with revenue from the vaping industry doubling in value from $1.75bn in 2013 to $3.5bn in only a two-year space of time. Based on […]

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Ghana’s contemporary art hits the streets

ACCRA,  – A satirical cartoon depicting a celebrity in Ghana schooling a British diplomat on how to speak pidgin English won laughter and praise from the crowd at a street festival in Accra, reports BSS. The cartoon lampoons British High Commissioner to Ghana Jon Benjamin who back in April sent a tweet criticising television star […]

Philadelphia Theatre Company gets its theater back

CATIE ROSEMURGY After a long period of uncertainty that threatened its survival, Philadelphia Theatre Company has struck a sweet deal to buy back its home. The troupe on Thursday bought its space at Broad and Lombard Streets for $5 million from TD Bank, which had taken possession of its Suzanne Roberts Theatre after PTC stopped […]

Cliff Richard: police drop one of three investigations

THE LITTLE PRINCE One of the three police investigations into allegations of sex abuse by millionaire singer Sir Cliff Richard has been dropped, according to reports. An unnamed close friend of the singer has said the inquiry has foundered because detectives have been unable to find evidence to substantiate the claims, the Sunday Times reported. […]

The little prince

The Little Prince, first published in 1943, is a novella and the most famous work of the French aristocrat, writer, poet and pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944). The novella is the 3rd most-translated book in the world and was voted the best book of the 20th century in France. Translated into more than 250 […]

Here comes the Hotstepper

Adam Fitzgerald Unlike my older brother, I generally enjoyed the nineties. A world of Netscape, chat rooms and Fruit by the Foot. I remember them like the debossed covers of R.L. Stein. Neon sex toys dotting our suburban malls lead us to believe in an intimacy communicated beyond brand names when our couch sucked back […]

A fire is a good companion

Catie Rosemurgy It’s alive, it always changes, it needs tending, and the boy, who had left several in several woods and had thought it his worst crime, discovered that all this time he had actually been good. Gently, he moved in with her. First, he slept on the hay in the barn, like a frost, […]

A Wanted Man: Jack Reacher

Janet Maslin “A Wanted Man” is Lee Child’s 17th Jack Reacher novel and the last to be published before Reacher goes Hollywood with “Jack Reacher,” a big Christmas movie based on book No. 9, “One Shot,” and starring – can’t say it ain’t so, because it is – Tom Cruise. Mr. Cruise seems such a […]

A dream Hawker

Sajib: In l,…., the class 6 going boy, as usual after going to school heard that his best friend had been cast out of class for not wearing Uniform. This incident had hurt him very much. His friend could not buy Uniform that is why that boy was cast out. The boy’s friend father is a […]


Aries (March 21 – April 19) Creativity and romance are a good combination, Aries, and today both are in top form. Why not get out the good stationery and craft a love note that will set that special someone’s heart aflutter? Cater to your romantic nature, ideally with a partner at your side. Even if […]


Aries (March 21 – April 19) Someone you care about but haven’t seen for a long time could suddenly contact you. You’d usually love this, Aries, but today you could be too caught up in projects of your own to want to put them aside. But you will have a lot of fun with this […]