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Rohingya Crisis: Come up with immediate solution

Rohingya Crisis: Come up with immediate solution

Muhammad Ubaidul Haque Rohingya community is considered the most persecuted and helpless minority group in the contemporary world. Trending genocide in Myanmar following the 25 August aberrant militant attack on security police station and the torture against the Rohingya community escalated and took the form of an ‘ethnic cleansing’ in textbooks according to the Human […]

America’s dangerous South China sea gambit

Sam Bateman: The idea that the United States may send military aircraft and ships to assert freedom of navigation around Chinese claimed islands in the South China Sea is seriously bad. It’s bad because it would involve an unreasonably assertive interpretation of the international law of the sea, and because it shows such little regard […]

Europe suffers security challenges

Joshua B. Spero: The European Union (EU) confronts the institutional challenges for whether its Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) can effectively continue to have influence abroad, while significant economic burdens and dependencies dissipate the EU politically. If the CSDP fails to affect the changes diplomatically, strategically, and operationally it wants to project, then the […]


Modi’s ‘big nation’ complex is pushing China away

Kadayam Subramanian Terrorism – especially the threat posed by Pakistani militants to India – dominated the recently concluded BRICS summit at Goa. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi described Pakistan as the ‘mother-ship’ of terrorism in South Asia and advocated its diplomatic isolation by the international community. Although other BRICS members agreed on the need to […]

Plot to destabilize Bangladesh

Shamsul Huda A new plot is in the works to destabilize Bangladesh which has just overcome bloody political turmoil caused by the boycott of the January 5, 2014 parliamentary elections by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). The prolonged violence left nearly 100 people dead and thousands injured. The victims in this case were local common […]

Putin v Erdogan : may the best man win

Lamis Andoni The showdown between Russia and Turkey has pitted Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the main contenders for Arab and Muslim hearts and minds – depending on which camp one supports in the many conflicts affecting the Arab world. Each of the two leaders has been portrayed in social media, the press […]

PIA flight cleared for take off in China

Strategic Desk A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight made an emergency landing at China’s Tianjin airport Friday, following a bomb hoax. After taking off from Beijing, flight PK-852 was en route Tokyo when it made the emergency landing in Tianjin amid a bomb scare, PIA spokesman Danial Gilani told The information about the presence […]

who he is

James Graham I’m not a deeply ideological person,” David Cameron told the Observer in the days after becoming leader. “I’m a practical person, and pragmatic.” In this he really does honour the “heir to Blair” tagline – the only one that has ever stuck. With dramatic timing, taking the country to war in Syria will […]

Pipelineistan: the Iran-Pak-China connection: Escobar

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has just been to Islamabad to talk serious business with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. And the serious business had to be Pipelineistan – as in what next for the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline. Zarif essentially said that IP is a go again as soon as sanctions against Iran start […]

Why China built second aircraft carrier base in Hainan

An Aug. 4 story in People’s Daily Online carried several insights on why a second Chinese navy aircraft carrier base was completed on Hainan island in November 2014. The online version of the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper cited Kanwan Defense Review, a Canada-based Chinese researcher. It quoted the researcher as saying recently in a […]

Abe dilutes war responsibilities, revisionism pushes Japan further away from normality

TOKYO: Regrettably, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe disappointed his audience on Friday as he diluted Japan ‘s wartime responsibilities in his war anniversary statement and his historical revisionism will push his country further away from normality, Xinhua reports. The prime minister defended in his statement that Japan was forced to launch wars in the past […]

The dawning of hydro-terrorism

Ibrahim al-Marashi ISIL threatens to flood downstream towns and deprive them of a resource for daily survival and irrigation. The role of water in conflict in the Middle East has existed since time immemorial, but ISIL has used it to such an effect that it deserves credit for mastering “hydro-terrorism”, threatening to flood downstream towns […]

Beyond Zardari, before Zardari

Asha’ar Rehman IT is the most unpopular man versus the most popular institution. Asif Ali Zardari has exploded and his party has set about ‘getting its act right’. Advice has been pouring in for the PPP from all shades of ‘well-wishers’. The most dominating, by most accounts the most sensible, piece of advice in recent […]

The west’s betrayal of Egypt will reap a bitter harvest

Amr Darrag When the former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was sentenced to 20 years in April, in a trial internationally condemned as unconstitutional, unfair and deeply politicised, many saw it as a test of the international community’s resolve to stand up to the series of show trials currently under way in Egypt. For those who […]

Adaptation-a key climate change strategy

Natasha Israt Kabir In recent years, Bangladesh has undertaken significant steps. We now have 3.2 million Solar Home Systems, over 1.5 million Improved Cook Stoves across Bangladesh. We have developed stress tolerant crop varieties; and implemented Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan. Though we are a climate vulnerable LDC, we allocated 385 million US […]

Exploring geoeconomic significance of Indian Ocean

Tanbir Uddin Arman “Whoever controls the Indian Ocean dominates Asia. This Ocean is the key to the seven seas in the twenty-first century, the destiny of the world will be decided in these waters.” – Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840 -1914) The deeply discerning and almost prophetic vision expressed a century ago by the distinguished American […]

Rights when arrested

Md. Rifat Rahman The following are your basic rights when you are arrested. They are useful to keep in mind in the unlikely event that you are arrested. If these rights are not provided to you, make a mental note. Your family and lawyers will be able to use this information. And try to Keep […]

South Asian Union Model

  We were working on a massive peace moment in Pakistan from platform of Pakistan Peace Corps. I was director and learned firsthand various grass root issues and stereotypes… worked out on it and then as Board Director of PECF consolidated my work – empower youth and found that our generation can play bigger part […]