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Legal Query : Dear Sir, I am a businessman. I have two bank accounts, one in Sonali Bank and another in Agrani Bank. Last February, 2017, I came to know that someone has withdrawn tk. 15000/- from my Agrani Bank account. Then I tried to contact with the bank and they said the signature given […]

13 ‘Legal’ Reasons Why

Aiman R. Khan Trainee Lawyer, Dhaka Judge Court If you are into series binge watching, you should by now, come across this much talked about Netflix teen flick. ’13 Reasons Why’ quickly grabbed the attention of majority of Netflix watchers, the high school going kids. The series which is set on a novel by Jay […]

CONTEMPT (721 x 430)

Is the law governing contempt of court in Bangladesh adequately and effectively defined?

The Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (hereinafter “the Constitution”) is another important source for the law on contempt. Under Article 78 of the Constitution, members of the Parliament have been accorded with special privileges and immunities from court proceedings to ensure the effective operation of the proceedings in Parliament.Article 108 of the Constitution […]

Marital Rape (689 x 430)

An unrevealed recent inhumane torture

“Rape” is seemingly common etymology in our society. Whenever we hear the word “rape”, we imagine a brute lurking in darkness or in some hushed places for jumping over women to fulfill his sexual desire. Sometimes, a question peeps in our mind that, can a woman become the victim of rape by her legal husband […]

Legal Query

Dear Sir, I am businessman at Mohammdapur, Dhaka. I am a whole seller of cosmetics and doing my business for 10 years. I have a number of distributors who buy cosmetics from me and distribute the product in whole Bangladesh. They usually give part payment as advance and for the rest amount they provide cheque. […]

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Legal Query : Dear Sir, I am a non-resident Bangladeshi, now residing at Rome, Italy. I am living here since 2001 with my wife & two children, now I got the citizenship here. On 2007 I bought a piece of land measuring 5.00 decimal at Jowar Sahara Mouja, Gulshan, Dhaka, maintaining all the legal formalities. […]

Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Up until 2016, the Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 was the only statute that considered Child Marriage to be an offence in Bangladesh. It had responsibly set a legal age for girls (18 years and above) and boys (21 years and above) eligible for marrying. What the Act lacked was a proper sentencing provision. It […]

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Query : I am a Bangladeshi, now living in Kuwait since 2007. I am a service holder here. I usually come to Bangladesh once in a year for 2months. On 2009 I got married and on 2011 we blessed with a baby boy. We were living happily, but from 2014 I came to know that […]

The Road Transport Act 2017 –Aiman Rahman Khan

The draft of the Road Transport Act 2017 of Bangladesh received a Cabinet approval last week. Due to a High Court order, it has been drafted in the light of the Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1983, but with major changes. After several recent incidents, the Bangladesh Government has taken a firm stand in a drive to […]

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Legal Query- Dear Sir, I have just completed my BBA, MBA from North South University. From my student life, I have always the choice to become a businessman. I have the plan to establish a company which will be the market leader of the production of garments accessories. Now, in order to do garments accessories […]

Our Constitutional Rights and way of enforcement

Most of our people even educated classes of our country don’t aware of their all rights construed in our constitution. Although some of them know about such constitutional rights but don’t know when and how to enforce these rights. But every citizen of a country should be well familiar with his/her constitutional rights as well […]

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Query : Dear Sir AssalamuWalaikum, I am a Bangladeshi, now living in USA. I am married since 2005; still we don’t have any child. We did a lot of treatment, but no result. Now we have decided to adopt a child from Bangladesh. Would you please inform me about the legal formalities we have to […]

Discrimination in our Legal Arena

Discrimination in legal field actually is found with new lawyers. Young lawyers come to court with lot of hope. They try to present themselves with much energy, vigor and message of modern judiciary. But, in legal field there is usually no free space for them. Their field becomes narrow with discriminatory pressures. First of all […]

Is it unsafe to wait to prosecute ?

While owing to the implication of the statutes and guidelines of the courts there are set limitation period within which one must bring his civil claim to the court, the scope for criminal proceedings is open ended. The reason is undoubtedly the severity of the offence against the state as opposed to personal conflicts that […]

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Legal Query– Dear Sir Assalamu Walaikum We have started a voluntary organization to work on law and legal system of Bangladesh particularly on youth leadership and preaching of law. The name of organization is “Law Mate” and it started its journey in December, 2016. What should we maintain now and in future to keep its […]

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Query: Assalamualikum sir. My query is to you that, in the year 2015 we got married with the permission and arrangment of our both family. But after few days we entered into some problems between us which tempered our married life too. In concequence, we take divorce without any legal problem. Like marriage, divorce was […]

How to make a Contract in accordance with law

In our everyday life a number of transactions go on whether it’s for business purpose or others where it’s required to enter into so many agreements i.e. contracts with several parties. Simply to say, a contract or an agreement is composed of a proposal from one side and its acceptance by the other side. However, […]

Political Asylum is a Human Right

We are very familiar with the words political case and political asylum. Both are mostly inter-related with each other. Actually political case is not only cover legal activities also cover few matters by which a person thinks that he frightened in his own state and then he may seek for asylum to any foreign state […]

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Query : My father died few months ago. We are three brothers and two sisters. Our mother still alive. My father had a bank account where he deposited more than one crore BDT. My mother was the nominee. But, now my brothers are trying to influence her to withdraw the money and provide them. But, […]

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Your legal adviser this week

Query : My name is Hasan, I am from Dhaka. I have a query to you that, my wife and her family filed a suit against me about dowry before Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) Court, Dhaka. They are trying to say that I claimed 10,00,000 BDT from them as dowry. I am mentioning, we got […]