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Commonest Oral Irritating Lesion : Apthous Ulcer

Commonest Oral Irritating Lesion : Apthous Ulcer

There is rarely any people who haven’t suffered from ulcer of mouth. There are various types of mouth ulcers & a lot of factors are responsible for them. Among all of them minor apthous ulcer is the most common one & this occurs from time to time. A study shows that about 15-20 % population […]

What is yoga?

Swami Ambikananda Saraswati: The answers you get to this will depend on who formulates the response. The sleek 30-something clad in organic cotton leggings with a healthy glow might answer, while holding “plank pose” for an excruciating length of time, that yoga is about being simultaneously buff and chilled out. Ask a grizzly old Hindu […]

Male contraceptive passes test

Michelle Roberts: Vasalgel acts as a physical barrier once injected into the tubes that sperm would swim down to the penis. The company behind it says a two-year trial, published in Basic and Clinical Andrology, shows the gel works and is safe – at least in primates. It hopes to have enough evidence to begin […]

5 die of eating puffer fish in Sylhet

Staff correspondent,Sylhet : Five people including two children died and 12 others fell sick today after eating puffer fish in Jaintapur upazila of Sylhet. The deceased — Abdur Rahim, 65, his son Suleman Miah, 26 and Lokman Miah, 20, Rahim Ahmed, 10, and Moni Ahmed, 7, — were residents of Darbast Uttar Mile village. The […]


Britain braces for freezing conditions

Health Desk: Temperatures across Britain are expected to drop below freezing this weekend, prompting health officials to warn that the cold can be deadly. Weather alerts have been issued for much of the country as forecasters expect severe cold to set in on Saturday. Public Health England (PHE) has issued level two alerts for all […]


Sex Education: on the way of breaking barriers

Ishrat Naher Erina: Having the membership of third world country where basic needs are not equal for everyone and dreaming to educate people on sex education is nothing but cry in a wilderness. Most often, people do believe that being born in a developing country is a curse but it gives people an immense pleasure […]


Call for article on November issue

Omer Fayshal Pavel: Association of Life Science and Engineering Writers’ (ALSEW)’ is platform to share scientific, environmental and motivational articles from students, professional, scholars, academicians, researchers, and associate in their respective discipline. The online portal is wide and available for diverse intellectual and educational pursuit from all corners of the society to enrich the learning […]

Deadlock over Alzheimer

Hannah Devlin : When Terry Pratchett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s he recalled his wife’s relief that he hadn’t got a brain tumour. “All I could think then was, ‘I know three people who have got better after having a brain tumour. I haven’t heard of anyone who’s got better from Alzheimer’s,’” the late author wrote […]

Child obesity rising again

Denis Campbell: A growing number of children are becoming obese as young as four or five years old, NHS figures have shown, sparking renewed concern about the obesity crisis. Obesity is rising among children both in their first and last years at primary school, according to the latest annual measurements of children’s body mass index […]

A look into the booming e-cigarette industry and the potential misinformation behind its growing success.

Investigating e-cigarettes

The e-cigarette industry is enjoying great success across the United States with over 10 percent of all American adults – an estimated 20 million people – currently vaping. Profits are high, with revenue from the vaping industry doubling in value from $1.75bn in 2013 to $3.5bn in only a two-year space of time. Based on […]


Yellow Fever: the repeated emergence

Omer Fayshal Pavel When people are dealing with the Zika issue, another emergence took the concern of global health agencies, a hemorrhagic fever like Ebola but spreads by the mosquito bites like zika. In 31th of August, 2016 a 4 hour long emergency meeting took place by the Emergency Committee (EC) regarding Yellow Fever, World […]

Survey points to higher US birth rate in future: CDC

More American women expect to have children some time in the future than they did in 2002, according to a federal study released on Thursday, which could point to a higher U.S. birth rate, reports Fox News. A survey by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that half of women aged […]

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Childhood concussion linked to lifelong

Nicola Davis: Children who suffer a traumatic brain injury, including mild concussion from a blow to the head, are less likely to do well at school and are at increased risk of early death, researchers have revealed. As adults they are also more likely to receive a disability pension, have failed to gain secondary school […]

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Teenagers suffer depression

Maev Kennedy: Depression and anxiety have risen among teenage girls in England, with more than a third reporting symptoms of distress, although the rates are stable among teenage boys, according to a major survey of 14-year-olds carried out for the Department for Education. Among the girls, 37% reported feeling unhappy, worthless or unable to concentrate, […]

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Have a Good Heart

Omer Fayshal Pavel Probably ‘Heart’ is the most common synonym that replaces the word ‘Love’. Basically heart is a muscular organ including four hollow parts that pumps the total blood of body and assures the proper distribution of blood throughout all other organs. A normal heart beats 60 to 100 times per minute and on […]

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Health benefits of Yoga

Professor Dr. Gobinda Chandra Das. Yoga not only prevents or controls the diseases but also plays an important role in healing them. Though it was first invented in India but now it has gained popularity and vastly practiced all over the world. Only in USA, almost two crore people practice yoga. Coordinated with positive thinking, […]

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Unintentional abuse of drugs

Omer Fayshal Pavel In recent scenario, drugs or medicines are one of the unavoidable parts in our life. After observing scientifically drugs and medicines are not the same products that we think. In very simple way drug can be defined as any chemical agent that has effect of any biological system like human, animal or […]

International yoga day 2016

Yoga in daily life

Professor Dr. Gobinda Chandra Das Yoga not only prevents or controls the diseases but also plays an important role in healing them. Though it was first invented in India but now it has gained popularity and vastly practiced all over the world. Only in USA, almost two crore people practice yoga. Coordinated with Positive thinking, […]

Meet insomniacs who learned to sleep better

Guardian readers and Sarah Marsh Anyone who has ever experienced insomnia will know how hellish it can be. Lying in bed and willing yourself to drift off, while your mind refuses to shut down, is frustrating but also incredibly anxiety-inducing. It’s a catch-22: the more you can’t sleep, the more you worry about it and […]

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Costa Rica confirms microcephaly birth, possible Zika link

A Salvadoran woman suspected of being infected with the Zika virus has given birth in Costa Rica to a baby girl that tested positive for microcephaly, a rare birth defect, authorities said on Friday, reports Fox News. Costa Rican health officials said the woman entered the country from her native El Salvador in April. If […]

Public Health England: Advice to eat more fat ‘irresponsible’

Advice to eat more fat is irresponsible and potentially deadly, Public Health England’s chief nutritionist has said, reports BBC. Dr Alison Tedstone was responding to a report by the National Obesity Forum, which suggests eating fat could help cut obesity and type 2 diabetes. The charity said promoting low-fat food had had “disastrous health consequences” […]

Delayed Treatment for Concussion May Prolong Recovery

FRIDAY : Athletes should not take a blow to the head lightly. New research suggests delayed treatment for concussion could prolong recovery, reports CNN. Many college athletes, however, don’t immediately recognize or report concussion symptoms, the study of nearly 100 players found. And compared to head-injured athletes who were evaluated right away, those who put […]

Running on Vacation

Jen A. Miller On the second day of a recent two-week road trip, I woke up at a Holiday Inn off Interstate 95 in Santee, S.C., and drove to a nearby state park. I was in my fifth week of marathon training and needed to complete three miles, so why not do so in a […]