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Is it shameful to breastfeed in the open?

Chitra Ramaswamy Shock, horror! A woman has bared part of one of her breasts (let’s say 35% of total breast area) on a magazine cover in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Not for the sake of titillation but lactation: to feed a baby. The model gazes out at the reader with a defiant half-smile. […]


How stress affects skin

Kari Molvar: A little stress can be good for your body, keeping you mentally sharp and focused. But too much can wear on your immune system, making you more susceptible to skin infections, like cold sores, says New York City dermatologist Sumayah Jamal, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group. What’s more, excessive stress could make it take […]


Utilizing Technology to Cure Cancer

Charles MacGregor: The Cancer Moonshot 2020 is an initiative began over a year ago in the USA. The purpose this is to remove the red tape that has been a barrier to entry for researchers for years. The major tool that is facilitating this initiative and the collaboration that is imperative to solving the cancer crisis […]

Urine test to detect TB

A urine test for tuberculosis could make it much easier to identify the disease and treat it before it kills. There were more than 10 million new TB infections in 2016, and the condition killed 1.7 million people. In around 40 per cent of cases, the infection isn’t identified until symptoms become obvious. TB is […]


Ways to break emotional eating patterns

You feel stressed out. You are bored. Or you are angry at your spouse. So you walk a short distance to the fridge, swing open the door and look for a solution. Is it the leftover tapioca pudding? A slab of last night’s lasagna? That pint of premium ice cream in the freezer? Trigger, craving, […]

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Teenage brains can’t tell what appropriate behavior is

Teenagers may know full well how important final exams are – but that won’t stop some putting in minimal effort. This may be because their brains aren’t developed enough to properly assess how high the stakes are, and adapt their behaviour accordingly. Adults are generally pretty good at being able to tell when a situation […]


Is sustainable investment a distinct possibility?

A recent article posted by McKinsey & Company provides great insights into the evolution towards sustainable investment practices. It has been a road fraught with difficulties related to measurement, resetting definitions as well as understanding how the implementation will proceed, in case compliance issues surface after an investment program has run a part of the […]

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A quick guide to clean earwax

Ears that are blocked with wax should not be syringed. For thousands of years, the syringe has been the ear doctor’s tool of choice (Roman author Celsus wrote about it in De Medicina), but now the health watchdog Nice says a syringe pumping water into the ear is “potentially harmful”. Why? “You can’t control the […]


Does Smoking Weed Improves Brain Function?

A study conducted by Harvard university finds that smoking cannabis actually improves brain function. In the past, smoking weed was often equated to being lazy, or some kind of brain-dead hippy, but this has all changed thanks to new research and a shift in the public consciousness. Since it was discovered just how amazing marijuana […]

Tobacco kills one lakh people annually: Zahid Maleque

DHAKA : State Minister for Health and Family Welfare Zahid Maleque yesterday said around 100,000 people die in the country from tobacco-related diseases ever year, reports BSS. “The government collected Taka 16,800 crore revenue from the tobacco sector in 2015-16 fiscal. But the government spent about double of the amount for treatment in tobacco-related diseases,” […]

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Anti-stroke drugs also protect against dementia: study

PARIS – People with heart trouble who take blood-thinning medication to avoid strokes may also significantly reduce their risk of dementia, a study published Wednesday said, reports AFP/BSS. Researchers found that of 444,106 patients in Sweden who had atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart condition that can provoke strokes, those taking drugs to prevent blood clots […]

Bangladeshi researchers develop advanced drug for Hepatitis B

DHAKA – Patients infected with Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) may get much better and more effective treatment than even before as an advanced prescription medicine, developed by two Bangladeshi researchers, is set to hit local drugstores early next year after getting approval from the drug administration, reports BSS. The two Bangladeshi researchers, also doctors, have […]