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IELTS is a standardized test to judge a person’s ability to use English. There are four modules in IELTS test namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Most of the students usually struggle in the Speaking section of the test. You can find many books in the market but the book written by Mohammad Irfan is […]

YSSE organizes Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2018

Md. Arifuzzaman With the theme of integrating and develop future oriented social entrepreneurs, Youth School for Social Entrepreneurship (YSSE) has organized Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 at Emmanuelle’s Hall of Gulshan, Dhaka. The aim of this summit was to inspire our energetic youth of the society towards social entrepreneurship and also to empower our hard-working social […]


Smart umbrella for Hajj pilgrims

Born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, Kamel Badawi has served Hajj pilgrims as a volunteer every season since he was a young boy. More recently, he turned his attention to innovation, cooperating with a Palestinian designer to create a ‘smart umbrella’ with solar cells — not only to protect pilgrims from the sun, but also to […]


Construction work of Turkey’s first NPP begins

TBT International: Turkey begins construction works of their first ever nuclear power plant in co-operation with Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation-ROSATOM, under the limited construction permit (LCP) issued by the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK). An official ceremony to celebrate the occasion was held at Akkuyu nuclear power plant site on December 10,2017. Director General […]


Ways to break emotional eating patterns

You feel stressed out. You are bored. Or you are angry at your spouse. So you walk a short distance to the fridge, swing open the door and look for a solution. Is it the leftover tapioca pudding? A slab of last night’s lasagna? That pint of premium ice cream in the freezer? Trigger, craving, […]

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Teenage brains can’t tell what appropriate behavior is

Teenagers may know full well how important final exams are – but that won’t stop some putting in minimal effort. This may be because their brains aren’t developed enough to properly assess how high the stakes are, and adapt their behaviour accordingly. Adults are generally pretty good at being able to tell when a situation […]


How Brexit affecting Britain’s food standards

Brexit poses huge risks to food standards in the UK and will have “seismic implications” for its food and farming systems, according to a new report. Author Dan Crossley, executive director of the Food Ethics Council, said that the UK faced a stark choice between promoting a high quality, ethical and sustainable system and “a […]


Human activity poses risk to thousands of species

Thousands of animal species are at critical risk of going extinct due to unsustainable farming and fishing methods and climate change, a conservation group has warned as it released the latest red list of endangered species. In a rare piece of good news, the International Union for Conservation of Nature[IUCN] praised New Zealand for its […]


The nights are getting brighter – Is it a good sign?

Satellite observations made by researchers during five consecutive Octobers show Earth’s artificially lit outdoor area grew by 2% a year from 2012 to 2016. So did nighttime brightness. Light pollution was even worse than that, according to the German-led team, because the sensor used cannot detect some of the LED lighting that is becoming more […]


Oceans under greatest threat in history

The world’s oceans are under the greatest threat in history, according to Sir David Attenborough. The seas are a vital part of the global ecosystem, leaving the future of all life on Earth dependent on humanity’s actions, he says. Attenborough will issue the warning in the final episode of the Blue Planet 2 series, which […]


NSTU admission process closed

NSTU Correspondent: Students of the Noakhali University of Science and Technology (NSTU) have closed the admission process for the first year undergraduate programs in the academic year 2017-18 for demanding eight-point to reduce the admission fee of Tk 5,000. This morning the admission process was going on shortly for the second day when the agitated students hang a […]


Clean running water crisis in Yemen

Eight million people in Yemen will be without running water within days as fuel runs out due to the Saudi-led coalition blockade of the country’s northern ports, Oxfam warned. They will join the almost 16 million people in Yemen who already cannot get clean piped water, leaving more than four in five people without a […]


Is sustainable investment a distinct possibility?

A recent article posted by McKinsey & Company provides great insights into the evolution towards sustainable investment practices. It has been a road fraught with difficulties related to measurement, resetting definitions as well as understanding how the implementation will proceed, in case compliance issues surface after an investment program has run a part of the […]

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A quick guide to clean earwax

Ears that are blocked with wax should not be syringed. For thousands of years, the syringe has been the ear doctor’s tool of choice (Roman author Celsus wrote about it in De Medicina), but now the health watchdog Nice says a syringe pumping water into the ear is “potentially harmful”. Why? “You can’t control the […]


Australia seeks help to evacuate tourists from Bali

Australia’s prime minister said Wednesday that he was discussing with his government how to help thousands of Australians stranded by volcanic smoke on the popular Indonesian resort island of Bali. Australians account for more than one in four of the international tourists who flock to Bali, so ash spewing from Mount Agung that has grounded […]


Russia loses contact with satellite after launch

Russia said it had lost contact Tuesday with a weather satellite just hours after it was launched from its Vostochny cosmodrome, in only the second rocket liftoff from the new spaceport. The glitch was a fresh embarrassment for the Kremlin and emblematic of problems plaguing Russia’s beleaguered space programme which has suffered a series of […]


Does Smoking Weed Improves Brain Function?

A study conducted by Harvard university finds that smoking cannabis actually improves brain function. In the past, smoking weed was often equated to being lazy, or some kind of brain-dead hippy, but this has all changed thanks to new research and a shift in the public consciousness. Since it was discovered just how amazing marijuana […]


Shell vows to reduce carbon footprint

Shell has doubled its spending on clean power and bowed to shareholder pressure by promising to halve the carbon footprint of the energy it sells by 2050, as the oil giant said it was stepping up its ambitions on green energy. The Anglo Dutch firm is increasing capital expenditure for its new energies division, to […]


How deforestation is starving a city of water

São Paulo could face more devastating water shortages if farmers continue to clear the Amazon forest, warns the utility chief who recently steered the biggest city in the Americas from the edge of drought catastrophe. Jerson Kelman, president of water company Sabesp, told that Cities he felt a duty to speak out because he was a citizen […]


Weinstein sued for sex trafficking

The suit filed by Kadian Noble in federal court in Manhattan alleges that Weinstein went to London in 2014 and “groomed Kadian by telling her that he had a role in mind for her and that ‘it will be good for you.’” Later that year, he approached her again at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes, […]


Saudi-led coalition has eased blockade in Yemen

The United Nations said Monday that the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen has eased restrictions at the main airport and two key ports, allowing the resumption of some humanitarian aid to the conflict-wracked country after a three-week blockade. U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said three humanitarian flights landed and took off from the capital of Sanaa […]