Preventing accidental injuries among children

1 (792 x 430)Md. Mustahasin Karim
Who does not want to make sure a safe and secure life for their children? But on the other hand, an accident can pose a great harm to the future of the child. Most of the children aged in-between of 0 to 10 years old have always faced little or severe injuries in their early life. And, one of the most common causes of death for the child is accidental injuries and these injuries have left many children to suffer from permanent disability or disfigurement.
There are many causes of these accidents. In developing stage, children have a great curiosity about his surrounding environment and in the early stage, the gustatory sense develops rapidly. It is natural for a child to put things in his mouth not knowing whether it is harmful or safe. In our regular chores we use lots of things which can lead a child either suffocating or poisoning. By swallowing small toys, the cap of pen or bottle, coin, and many other things may lead children choking. On the other hand, most poisoning accidents involve medicine, insecticides, cleaning agent, cosmetic etc.
Falls from high is by far the most common cause of accidents at home. However, the most serious consequences result from falls between two levels. For example, falling out of a high chair or falling from bed. The worst injuries can be sustained when a child falls from a great height on something hard, sharp or hot. There are significant records of death or injuries by heavy objects such as furniture and television being pushed or pulled over them.
Another point of note is that children are always attracted by a bright and colorful object like electrical parts or fire. By touching the electrical parts or fire, they are usually exposed to severe degree of burn injury which sometimes can lead to death. In addition, hot drinks and foods, hot bath water may also cause burn injury. Recovery from a burn injury is too long and painful and many are left with permanent scarring in their bodies. As a riverine country Bangladesh has a lot of river and pond. So there is a high chance of accident by drowning, especially in the village sides where the pond and rivers are so available. Points to be noted here, in Bangladesh, drowning severity tends to increase during the monsoon season.
All of the accidents can be avoided easily if we maintain good housekeeping system and keep our children in constant supervision. Selecting toys based on appropriate age is very crucial for the safety of children. Keeping floors free of toys and obstructions that can be tipped over or taken into the mouth is another mammoth task. Always use a securely fitted safety harness in toys like pram. Never leave babies unattended on raised surfaces. Keeping medicines, insecticides, chemical and cosmetic substances out of sight and reach of children, preferably in a locked cupboard is recommended. Whenever possible, buy products in child-resistant container and store chemicals in their original container. Keep matches and lighters out of sight and within the reach of children. Always use fireguard and secure it to a wall. Never hold hot drink or food and children at the same time. Electrical instrument and connection wire should keep out of children reach and use safeguard for the electrical connection. A sharp instrument should be kept in the storeroom and properly locked system. Children should be provided swimming training at the very early age. Never allow them to go alone for swimming without any responsible guardian, even never leave young children alone in the bathroom. And again supervise them continuously. Though after taking proper precautions, an accident may happen at any time and right in that moment parents should not panic. Basic knowhow of first-aid treatment can save life before the baby is taken to the respective physician or to the hospital. Last but not the least, children are the most precious gift for every couple. Thus, keeping them away from danger is every parent’s responsibility.
The writer is a pharmacist at the ACME Laboratories Ltd. He can be reached at