Pahela Baishakh reunites Indians, Bangladeshis along border

DHAKA : A daylong reunion of thousands of people from Bangladesh and India, especially of those who cannot afford to travel to the other country to see their relatives, took place at different borders of Panchagarh and Thakurgaon on Sunday, marking Pahela Baishakh, reports UNB.
Though every yea, thousands of people from the two countries meet their relatives from either side along the border on the first day of Bangla New Year, this year, for the first time, the gathering took place on Sunday following the Indian first day of Baishakh.
Even though the gates were not opened, people formally met their relatives from the other side of the fence and exchanged gifts since 10 am under the supervision of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Indian Border Security Force (BSF). In Thakurgaon, Sri Gajen Ray came to the border to see his daughter Gita Rani who was married off in India 10 years ago.
Seeing her daughter after a long time, the 70-year-old man broke into tears, yet was satisfied to be able to give dresses and sweets for her daughter’s in-laws. Purnima Rani, a resident of Joypurhat, said she met her sister Srimati Rani for the first time in seven years since she was married off in India. “I’m happy that we finally could talk,” she said.
In Panchagarh, the people of Bangladesh and India exchanged greetings and gifts with their dear ones standing across a 10-km barbed wire fence in between pillars of 741, 742, 743 and 744 of several border areas, including Amarkhana, Sukani and Bhutipukur.
Lt Col Al Hakim Md Nawshad, Director of Pachagarh BGB Battalion-18, told UNB that the reunion takes place every year where the citizens of both the countries get a chance to meet their relatives living on the other side of the border.