Oscars 2018: Star Wars’ Mark Hamill on why he’d rather watch from home

2 (800 x 450)He’s going to the Oscars for the first time in four decades – but Star Wars’ Mark Hamill says he’d rather be watching the ceremony in his pyjamas, reports BBC.

Hamill – Luke Skywalker in the films – last attended in 1978 when Star Wars: A New Hope was up for best picture.

Speaking at the Oscar Wilde Awards, where he was being honoured, he said it was “much more fun” to watch from home.

Hamill, presenting an Oscar on Sunday, said he hopes the ceremony is “fun and light-hearted”. He was speaking at the so-called Irish Oscars, where he was one of the honorees, along with Dunkirk actor Barry Keoghan, Home Alone and Schitt’s Creek star Catherine O’Hara and Ray Donovan actress Paula Malcomson.

On the green grass carpet (instead of a red one), he said he’d enjoyed all those years of “watching it in my pyjamas, saying ‘look at her hair!’ “Now I have to put on a tuxedo and be part of it because I’m presenting,” he told the BBC. “Believe me, as big an honour as it is, to be part of it, it’s much more fun to be watching it at home.” In what could be a politically-charged year for the Oscars, Hamill hopes the ceremony gives people a chance to have fun. “I hope it’s fun and light-hearted, you know?,” he said. “Sometimes it’s shaded by causes and politics but I think it’s a good time for everyone to just relax and enjoy themselves. I know that’s what I’ll do. “What happens when you present is you go backstage early – and I don’t come back to my seat. I just hang out backstage, eat all the free food and just stay away from my seat – there’s always the seat-filler. Usually they’re much more handsome than I am, so it’s a win-win.” Hamill will be presenting best animated short at the Hollywood ceremony. He joked: “They didn’t pick animated short because I’m too short to be a Stormtrooper did they? Oh, they’re so cruel.”