Marvel’s Jessica Jones returns: ‘Well timed for the Time’s Up moment’

4 (765 x 430)The second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones is here, and has received broadly positive reviews from critics.
The Netflix show, which stars Krysten Ritter as the private eye with super strength, has been praised for roles that break with gender stereotypes.
The New York Times said the second season’s premiere was “well timed for the Time’s Up moment”.
The paper’s critic Mike Hale said it “inverts some familiar situations and characterisations”.
He wrote: “We’ve seen a powerful person’s downward spiral play out in a room with multiple hookers, cocaine and embarrassing dancing, but that person usually isn’t a woman. “We’ve seen protagonists whose bottled-up anger turns them sullen, violent and heedless of others, but they’re usually men…
“These depictions are interesting to parse and refreshing to see.”
Alexandra Pollard, writing for The Telegraph, said: “That it was written and filmed pre-Weinstein allegations, and that the show’s largely female creative team examined toxic masculinity before the current cultural moment forced everyone to do so, is just one of the markers of its brilliance.”
Similarly, Wired’s Angela Wattercutter said: “Season two is coming at a fortuitous time for Netflix, but it doesn’t mean the streaming service had to lean in on Jones’s themes in order to capitalise on the moment – those aspects were already there.”