1,932 books hit Amar Ekushey Book Fair

DHAKA : A total of 1,932 books, including 192 on the 14th day on Wednesday, have so far hit the month-long Amar Ekushey Book Fair against 1,633 books during the period of last year’s fair.
The book fair began on Wednesday at3 pmwith a moderate crowd wearing colourful dresses as it was the Valentine’s Day, reports UNB.
Some 573 poetry books have so far been published in the book fair, highest in terms of a single category, till the 14thday while the number of books on novel, stories and essays is 335, 259, and 103 respectively.
The books on research (45), rhyme (41), children literature (63), biography (51), compiled editions of book (9), Liberation War (40), drama (11), science (32), travelogue (44), history (63), medicine and health (7), riddle ( 8), religion (9), translation (16), dictionary (4), science fiction (27) and others (175) have been published since the beginning of the fair.
Publishers from across the country are publishing a huge number of books on different issues every day while Bangla Academy is exhibiting 141 newly printed and reprinted books.