150 insects’ DNA barcoded  at JU

Jahangirnagar_University_(emblem)JU Correspondent:
DNA (Oligonucleotide Acid) bar-coding of a total of 150 insect-species was successfully done in Jahangirnagar University (JU) today.
JU Zoology department, in association with World Bank (WB) and Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP), run the experiment at its DNA laboratory.
Chairman of the department Prof Dr. Monwar Hossain, also sub-manager of the project, came up with the information at the closing program to the project on Thursday.
The department collected insects of 600 species in total while bar-coded the DNAs of a total of 150.
Apart from those, the department took a bid to conserve the extinct insects of different species at its laboratory.
Vice Chancellor of the university Prof Dr. Farzana Islam, as the chief guest inaugurated the programme and spoke at the program while Dean of the Biological Sciences Faculty Prof Dr. Abdul Jabber Hawlader and program officer of HEQEP Forhadul Islam Bhuiyan addressed as the special guest among others.