‘Guerilla’ reflects Idris Elba’s personal history

4 (764 x 430)Actor Idris Elba, who features in ‘Guerrilla’, a six-part British drama mini-series set in early 1970s London and against the backdrop of the Immigration Act 1971 and British black power movements, said the series is special to him as he got the opportunity to bring to life a “story that reflects some of my personal history”, reports Times of India.

The series, which also stars Indian origin actress Frieda Pinto, sheds light on the British Black Panthers and Race Today Collective. “I was born in Hackney 1972 and I remember having a very happy childhood, but my dad would tell a different story. And that story is what we’re bringing to life in ‘Guerrilla’. As a child, I was shielded from some of the harsher aspects of prejudice but as I grew older, I talked to my parents about what they went through and the problems they faced,” Elba said in a statement. “And so, the opportunity to bring to life a story that reflects some of my personal history is really special to me. We filmed some of the tea house scenes right near my childhood home, and so some days walking to set felt like walking back in time. I couldn’t not be a part of a project like this,” he added. ‘Guerrilla’ is aired every Friday.