Progressive CBFC allows f-word but wants CGI nudity, liquor bottles removed

2 (764 x 430)Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford’s Blade Runner is going under the CBFC’s knife for showing nudity through computer graphics, reports Hindustan Times.

Many let out a sigh of relief and cried ‘good riddance’ when Pahlaj Nihalani was dethroned as the Central Board of Film Certification chief in August but little seems to have changed since then. The new CBFC is keeping the legacy alive by imposing its sense of morality on films and what they show to the country’s audience.
In yet another attempt at preserving the people’s morals, CBFC has ordered that scenes showing nudity, even if generated through computer graphics, be cut from Blade Runner 2049, a highly-awaited, upcoming sci-fi film.
The nude characters are supposed to be artificially intelligent machines. “Blade Runner 2049 is a futuristic saga where women are shown to be created through artificial intelligence.
They can’t be shown with clothes on,” a source told DNA. The argument fell flat at CBFC’s door which insists that nudity is not allowed in any form, even if generated through computers and doesn’t involve a real human actor.