Blade Runner 2049 collects $31.5 million in the opening weekend

4 (727 x 430)Blad Runner 2049 was expected to earn between $50 to $60 million in the opening weekend, however, due to long run time, the collection of the film has suffered, reports Hindustan Times.
Blade Runner 2049 is heading for a downbeat $31.5 million opening weekend at 4,058 sites in North America. Sunday’s estimated result throws serious doubt onto what had been high hopes for a box office success story. In one of the most surprising turnarounds in recent years, Blade Runner 2049 fell far short of expectations, which had been in the $45 million to $50 million range at the start of the weekend amid stellar reviews, strong advance ticket sales, and the revered status of 1982’s original Blade Runner.
Coincidentally, even though the orginal Blade Runner is a cult classic, it also did not fare well at the box office. Instead, the film grossed only a moderate $12.7 million on Friday, including $4 million from Thursday night previews. Saturday saw an 11% decline to $11.4 million and Sunday’s projected total was $7.4 million.
The key factors for the under-performance were the movie’s 163-minute running time — which limits the number of showings each day — plus far less traction among younger moviegoers than anticipated.