Survivor Trees Around The World

survivor-tree-9-11-26 (646 x 430)Interesting News Desk:
Every now and then, a calamity —either natural or man-made— strikes humanity and just when it appears that no living being could survive the catastrophe, out comes a tree standing brave and resilient among the ruins. There are countless examples of trees that have emerged survivors of disastrous events. They are locally revered as symbols of hope, and cherished for reflecting the courage and spirit of the affected communities. Thanks to the wide coverage by the media, some have found fame and respect beyond their geographical and political boundaries. Let us look at some of these so called “Survivor Trees”.
A badly damaged, charred stump of a Callery pear (pyrus calleryana) was pulled out of the rubble of the former Word Trade Center towers in New York City, after it was destroyed by a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The tree was planted in the 1970s. When it was recovered, the 8-foot tall tree was in bad shape and had only one living branch. The tree has since been nursed back to health and replanted near the National 9/11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan.
Since 2013, seedlings from the Survivor Tree are being distributed, to be planted and cared for, to different communities around the world that have endured tragedy in recent years. Recipients of the Survivor Tree seedlings include victims of mass shooting (Newtown and Killeen, both in the US), victims of typhoons and hurricanes (Joplin, Gulfport and Far Rockaway, all in the US), victims of bombing (Madrid, Spain and Boston, US), as well as other natural calamities such as mud slides (Oso, US) and fire (Prescott).