Rohingya torture and the world headmen’s miraculous silence

As a human being and a Muslim I cannot help myself but to aggrieve for systemic persecution of Rohingyas’ in Burma. I saw my wife so moved by the news of Rohingyas persecution that she couldn’t resist her tears.
We are undergoing terrible pain for such violence. I wish to be blind. Mind naturally becomes very upset for such oppression & torture. The question always arises in mind, is man’s life so trivial? Doesn’t life have any value? No security? No address? There are such some rare instances in the world how the Rohingyas in Myanmar beyond the south-east border of our country have been falling victim to barbaric torture including mass murder, gang rape, and banishment from their homeland by torching up the houses by the state army. Since the last few decades the Myanmar government has been pushing the Rohingyas towards the Bangladesh border. They have routinely compelling the Rohingyas to infiltrate into Bangladesh. At present more than 7 lakh Rohingyas have been living in Bangladesh. What the Myanmar government is doing to the Rohingyas can be dubbed as is a crime against humanity. The government of Myanmar is depriving the Rohingyas, stripping of civil benefits, to compel them to stay under inhumane environment creating issues, to arrest in extrajudicial ways, deprivation of ownership, universal education, treatment, effective service & basic human rights. In fact, many failed to realize the motive of Myanmar. They are running oppression & cruelty by violating the border for sending the Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh. They want the Rohingyas to come in Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh has given shelter to the refugees and still is giving only for the humanity’s sake. Myanmar has extremely violated the border. The cruel policy that they have adopted to send their citizens to our country is wrong and hostile to the international law. After this, people demonstrated light protest across the world. The west, considered powerful in the world is also seen in silence mysteriously.
I strongly denounce those who are indulging such oppressions and the eradication of the Muslims as well as the people who are silent in increasing the burden by sending the citizens of the other country to a country like Bangladesh. They are keeping on bedeviling the Muslims of both the countries adopting tricks. Bangladesh is in a tough situation for the Rohingyas. Additional burdens are intentionally being forced upon this unemployment stricken country. During this time, we must keep patience.
Don’t the incidents of running such ghastly massacres in Myanmar amaze the world people? The more the followers of the humanitarian Gowtam Buddha get reared in their religious sentiment mentioning ‘It is a great sin to kill creatures’ or ‘Non violence is the absolute religion,’ their position is completely opposite to the Rohingyas. The Rohingya crisis in Myanmar is nothing new. Recently violence has again spread throughout the country. Military operation is going on. And hundreds of Rohingyas are trying to enter into Bangladesh crossing the border having fallen victim to suppression & oppression. Bloodcurdling information of Rohingya torture and their entering this country by crossing the border has spread in the mediums of Bangladesh including the international medium hence. The matter of Rohingya torture and their compellation in abandonment from their own country appear anxious for the populous Bangladesh. The matter of increasing torture by the government forces upon the Rohingyas in Rakhine state of Myanmar is very agitating. This most oppressed population in the world has got less sympathy of the international community though this population has been falling prey to torture for ages after ages. In this situation the government of Bangladesh H.E. Sheikh Hasina has asked for effective steps to be taken by the United Nations to send the refugees fled from Rakhine state in Myanmar for violence back to their country. Every time Bangladesh fails after asking for such help. Due to racial oppression in Myanmar half a million of people are staying in Bangladesh as refugees. Though Bangladesh asked them to take the refugees back, Myanmar did not respond to this. Myanmar is reluctant to allow the refugees sheltered in Bangladesh as citizens also. The world leaders are watching this. What steps are they taking? Are they enjoying a show of the eradication of the Muslims? Like the killing of two birds with one throw they want to hit the economy of the country by increasing the load of the issue in Bangladesh, another Islamic country.
We notice that Myanmar is not caring anyone. But we cannot believe this. The more protest is on from one country to another; the more it is said that ‘stop this heartbreaking blasting’, the more the Rohingya Muslims are in the risk of ethnic cleansing. The world Muslims have to wake up. No chance to remain asleep anymore. Myanmar will not stop for such airy protests. Voice should be raised together in the whole world. With this, the world conscience must be woken up. Prohibition must be imposed upon Myanmar right now. No country should indulge the policy of killing people & torture. What doesn’t happen in the entire world if the world leaders shout at? My courtly request to the world leaders, please shout at the government of Myanmar for stopping the torture upon the Muslims. We do think and believe that this torture must be stopped if you shout at the government of Myanmar once. And you should do so. Remember that men are true over everything and nothing else is above them. The whole mankind is under extreme torture.
We have long been noticing that Myanmar has been trying to evict the Rohingya Muslims racially. The security forces of the country are killing the men, butchering the kids, ravishing the women, looting the houses, running arson and compelling them to come in Bangladesh by crossing the river. Now the American ambassador Samantha Power appointed in the UN has raised a question regarding the power of the minister of the country Aung San Suu Kyi in the solution to the Rohingya Muslims’ crisis. The way how the government of Suu Kyi is confronting this crisis is fortifying the concern of people from country in the world. In these situation different countries including the US, Britain, Malaysia & Egypt are expressing their concern over the issue. Since 1970 many Rohingya Muslims have entered Bangladesh and after the riot in 2012 infiltration of the Rohingyas has been increasing. The saddest fact is that after the end of a half a century military autocracy when the democracy in Myanmar is in good airing, when in the battle of democracy, the party of the popular leader of the selected country Aung San Suu Kyi has won the election, at that time the solution to the Rohingya crisis has turned into a more complex shape instead of the problem being solved. The torture upon the Rohingya Muslims has created a manmade disaster. Doesn’t it prove the participation of Aung San Suu Kyi, a Novel Prize winner, in this oppression? We do think that everything is possible if Suu Kyi wants. The process of Rohingya eviction will also come to an end. Does Suu Kyi, in fact, want the eviction of the Muslims? Before her eyes, I shall say that the Rohingyas are being evicted with her support. This torture must be stopped.
Now the question is, how can the solution to the present crisis of the Rohingyas be done? Sanctions should be imposed upon Myanmar. In the past such prohibition was imposed on many countries. Before this, the UN imposed a ban upon Iran for nuclear weapons. Different countries with Syria & Iraq were banned. If ban is imposed upon Myanmar now, they will probably comprehend, otherwise not. Will such ban be imposed at all? If not, the world Muslims have to wake up. Throughout the entire world voice should be raised so that ban is imposed upon Myanmar. And I think this the right Way of the solution.

Writer- Mir Abdul Alim, journalist, researcher and columnist,