Riverdale safety questions after KJ Apa crashes car after 14-hour day

4 (764 x 430)A car crash involving Riverdale star KJ Apa has triggered a debate around on-set working conditions, reports BBC.

The actor, who plays Archie in the show, was involved in a collision last week after he says he worked a 14-hour day. He reportedly fell asleep at the wheel during a 45-minute drive home. The 20-year-old walked away from the crash but “safety issues affecting performers” are now being questioned. “This is an extremely troubling situation and we are deeply concerned about the safety of performers on the Riverdale set,” said a spokesman for the Screen Actors Guild?
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists [SAG-AFTRA]. “We are sending a team to Vancouver to review the circumstances surrounding safety issues affecting performers on this production.” KJ Apa’s co-star Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead in the series, had reportedly planned to be in the car too but changed his mind at the last minute.
It’s thought he’s called for production teams to provide transport for cast and crew who work late, with a reported meeting between production executives and agents of some of the cast taking place this week. It’s currently Warner Bros.
Television policy that actors are responsible for their own transport when a show is filming outside of the United States. Because Riverdale is filmed in Vancouver in Canada, the show falls under that clause.