Protecting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Games and Sports

Md. Hafizur Rahman Bullet:

Bangladesh is one of the over populated and least developing countries in the South-East Asia and the socio-economic condition of the major population of the country is poor and particularly the conditions of the Persons with Disabilities are comparatively much higher. They are very much neglected lacking behind from any development process in the community and their conditions are vulnerable even by their respective families due to lack of knowledge, awareness on the disability issue. In no way they are judged by their talents, skill and potentialities; rather they are always treated as the burden of the family as well as in the community. They don’t have the access of education and having no opportunities to participate in Games sports and recreational or any development activities. They are totally deprived of these opportunities and living inhuman lives and as a result, they suffer from frustration & health hazards. Because each and every human being needs his body and soul free from anxiety, illness and keep them physically and mentally fit by way of physical exercise, sports, games and recreational activities.
There are very few specialized Organizations that have taken the initiatives for creating different opportunities, games and sports for the persons with disabilities. But they have also possessed certain skill, talent and potentialities provided they have got the training scope for doing creative activities. Apparently, it is proved beyond any doubt that participating actively in any games, sports and recreational activities can easily reduce the frustration of the Persons with disabilities and gear up their mental and physical health that strengthened their Contd on Page-11