Drama ‘Court Martial’ staged in Bagerhat

Bagerhat – Drama troupe ‘Bagerhat Theatre’ staged its 24th show of Liberation War-based play ‘Court Martial’ at the Bagerhat Cultural Foundation Stage on Friday evening, reports UNB.

It is set to stage the 25th show of the drama written by Indian playwright Swadesh Deepak and directed by Niaz Mohammad Tareq on Saturday evening.

Late SM Solaiman adapted Salil Sarkar’s translation of Swadesh Deepak’s original playof ‘Court Martial’.

Tareq said the nation will find their true identity through the drama.

It was the 44th show of the troupe and the drama was first staged in Bagerhat Theatre in 1996.

The play narrates the plight of the children of theBiranganas.

In the play, the death sentence is awarded to the son of aBirangana who killed an officer and injured another major for insulting his mother.