AL ‘spitting venom’ on CJ, alleges BNP

Dhaka – BNP on Saturday alleged that ruling Awami League is ‘spitting venom’ on Chief Justice SK Sinha with a motive to cement one-party rule in the country by weakening the judiciary, reports UNB.

“I think what Awami League is saying and what they’re doing over the 16th amendment verdict are against the rule of law and tantamount to contempt of court. Their all leaders are making indecent comments targeting the Chief Justice, committing the contempt of court,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

He further said, “The main motive behind their comments and activities is to restore one-party rule by destroying the independence of the judiciary. But, the country’s people will never accept it.”

Fakhrul came up with the comments while talking to reporters after placing wreaths at BNP founder Ziaur Rahman’s grave, marking the release of party vice chairman Barkatullah Bulu from jail. Bulu was freed on bail on August 18 nearly there months after he was sent to jail in 13 violence cases.

He said Awami League has no legitimacy to stay in power after the observations of the 16th amendment verdict. “The government should quit immediately.”

About Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader’s comment that BNP’s dream of putting the government in trouble following the apex court verdict has dashed, Fakhrul said the ruling party leaders are now making ‘reckless’ remarks as the verdict has exposed the government’s ‘true face’.

Fakhrul said their party is not hopeful of getting any solution to the country’s main crisis over the nature of election-time government from the Election Commission’s current talks with different stakeholders, including the political parties.

Sought his reaction to Awami League’s stance on the apex court’s 16th amendment verdict, BNP standing committee member Moudud Ahmed said it is unprecedented that the government or the ruling party hold meeting with the Chief Justice over any verdict of the court.

“We can say they’re trying to influence the judiciary and the Chief Justice which is unconstitutional. What example they’re setting now will remain as a serious stigma for the country in the future,” he observed.