14 Years of Koi Mil Gaya : Was Rishi Kapoor offered the role of Hrithik Roshan’s father?

4 (764 x 430)The 2003 film Koi… Mil Gaya will always be counted among the most iconic films in the Hindi film industry., reports Hindustan Times.
Right from introducing the Indian audience to cutting-edge special effects to melodious songs, the film was a hit with everyone. Actor Hrithik Roshan (Rohit Mehra) played the role of a mentally-challenged guy with sensibilities of an 11-year old.
He accidentally contacts extra-terrestrial beings through his scientist father’s computer (played by his real-life dad, director Rakesh Roshan) and his life changes when one of the beings, Jaadu, is left behind on Earth and comes in contact with him. Preity Zinta played the role of Nisha, while the child-gang, who are friends with Hrithik, too gained instant fame upon the film’s release. The film was not only a big hit at the box-office, but critics too showered praises upon Hrithik for his terrific acting.
Actor Rishi Kapoor was initially approached to play the role of Hrithik’s father by director Rakesh Roshan. Rishi, who had mentioned the whole episode in his recently-released autobiography, wrote that the two had a fallout after Rishi saw the role as a ‘bad career move’ and refused to do it. Finally, Rakesh himself starred in the film.