Never felt nervous about whether I’ll be accepted

3 (430 x 430)Actor Ayesha Takia says that she made sure she picked a substantial and performance-oriented project for her comeback, reports Hindustan Times
Actor Ayesha Takia, who took a sabbatical after embracing motherhood in 2013, has recently returned to showbiz with a music video that addresses the subject of human trafficking. Unlike a lot of actors who feel the pressure of seeking acceptance from the audience after a break, Ayesha says that such things were never on her mind. “I’ve always been a person, even when I was doing two shifts a day, who will finish work and just pack up, go home and get disconnected from everything else. So, I never had that sense of nervousness or concerns that will people accept me or not,” says Ayesha. The actor, who has worked in films such as Dil Maange More (2004), Socha na Tha (2004), Dor (2006), Wanted (2009), feels happy that she didn’t make a comeback with something frivolous and picked something that talks about an important issue. “As actors, we all have some responsibility about things that we promote or that we talk about. So I was sure that if I did anything again [on screen], it has to be performance-oriented and have some substance. And this video really excited me, as it tells a meaningful story,” adds Ayesha.